How to Defeat Evil Spirits is a book that Squidward owns. It appears in the video game Revenge of the Flying Dutchman.


The cover and spine of the book are blue, and the cover is split into thirds by purple lines with gold decorations. On the front cover, the first third has the words "How to Defeat" in a red font, the second third has a white skull-and-crossbones symbol, and the last third had the words "Evil Spirits" in the same red font.

As the title states, the book covers various evil spirits and explains how to defeat them. The entirety of Chapter 8 focuses on the Flying Dutchman, and talks about his seven lost treasures.

Role in game

After Mr. Krabs temporarily shuts down the Krusty Krab due to lack of sales, Squidward decides to hold a yard sale to make money and reads this book while waiting for customers. SpongeBob asks if he can borrow the book, but Squidward denies him. SpongeBob then has to sneak up to Squidward and read the book while he takes a nap, and SpongeBob learns that he has to collect all seven of the Flying Dutchman's lost treasures in order to defeat him.


  • This is the second book to talk about the Flying Dutchman's past, with the first book being the unnamed comic book in "Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost."
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