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Encyclopedia SpongeBobia

"How We Do" is a song sung by Snoop Dogg and Monsta X. The song is sung in The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run during Sage's challenge for SpongeBob and Patrick to put cowboy pirate zombies to rest.


Boss Dogg
Even when I'm on,
I'm off, y'all
Lookin' for the King,
It'll cost y'all
You better leave now, are you lost, dawg?
The Zombie King,
Yeah, I hear him coming
OG Ghoul with a thirst,
For the run-in
You in the wrong bar, wrong town
Got a spot to fill,
The real deal
Coming down that hill
Your brains for breakfast,
Soul on the menu
Major checklist
Ghouls, Goblins guard the exit
The fire in his eyes,
Ain't hard to catch it
El Diablo, the haunting taunting veterano
It's scary, I know
The Goner Gulch, where the drama is
But don't hate the game,
We in the zombie biz
We (Yes, sir) feel the love (What? What? What?)
When we all dance together (Together)
We made it, we made it
Up all life long,
We won't stop (we won't stop)…
El Diablo is here!
Dance! We the baddest crew!
Hands high! What's eating you?
Us! We comin' through
Killing it is how we do!
El Diablo's on his way,
Smell the odor of decay
Dance, we came to slay
'Cause killing it is how we do!