The Hotel Halibut is a hotel that appears in "Jolly Lodgers."



The Hotel Halibut is a large building made of oversized cinder blocks. The hotel's name is written near the top, with "Halibut" in red letters. There are many glass windows visible on the building. Outside the hotel is a ring of grass and coral.



Hotel Halibut lobby

The lobby

The lobby of the Hotel Halibut has a brown, yellow, and red wall with a pineapple-like pattern. There is a bamboo desk with a bell and a telephone, and behind it are room keys. A calendar depicting a jellyfish, landscape paintings, a painting with abstract shapes, and various potted plants are present in the lobby.


Hotel Halibut hallway

The hallways

The Hotel Halibut's hallways have a similar color scheme to the lobby, although the walls are a solid red. There are many purple doors lining the hallways, and it connects to the rooms, spa, gym, pool, bathrooms, and convention room. Paintings and plants can be seen along the hallways.


Hotel Halibut room

A room

The rooms in which the guests stay have a purple wall and ceiling and a red floor. A painting, a potted plant, and a bamboo television are on the left side of the room. On the right is a bed, a picture, and a side table with a lamp on it. Another angle of the room reveals a mirror, a side table with vases, a tall purple chair, and a statue. The bathroom contains a bathtub with three candles and a bronze water tap, along with a towel and rack. Each room is connected to at least two adjacent ones.


Hotel Halibut spa

The spa

The hotel's spa has an orange wall and brown ceiling. There is a brown massage table. The room also contains a green bamboo table with containers on it, presumably oils. There is a painting of a fish's fin in a lotus shape with a water droplet.


Hotel Halibut gym

The gym

The Hotel Halibut's gym contains weights, treadmills, and a rowing machine. There is a full-length mirror along one side of the wall. The walls are made of metal and the ceiling is made of wood, and the flooring is blue. There is a picture of a muscular fish with two weights.


Hotel Halibut pool

The pool

The pool room has a brown checkerboard floor and a blue wall. There are pool chairs, towels, life rings, and tall plants. The pool itself has stairs and a diving board. There is a sign that details the pool's rules.

Convention room

Hotel Halibut convention room

The convention center, during Jelly-Con

The hotel's convention room is only seen during Jelly-Con. There is a sandy floor and blue walls with yellow banners. The ceiling is brown and covered in ropes.

Role in episode

Squidward must stay at the Hotel Halibut after his house is being exterminated due to a sea urchin infestation. At the hotel, he is initially annoyed by the receptionist, but enjoys his room. SpongeBob and Patrick start running between the rooms, and come in on a room service cart after Squidward orders food. SpongeBob and Patrick explain that their rooms are right between Squidward's.

Squidward is unable to get away from them, visiting the spa, the gym, and the pool. He continually runs into them in the hallways, and starts panicking. SpongeBob and Patrick tell him about the annual Jelly-Con being held at the hotel, and Squidward is then brought into the convention.

Squidward tries to escape the hotel and wears a jellyfish costume. When the convention starts its "jellyfish mascot hunt," Squidward is chased across the hallways, but discovers a "zapper" in the costume and gives everyone an electrical shock. He calls at the front desk and has the hotel exterminated, filling it with a dangerous gas.

While the hotel is evacuated safely, Squidward is revealed to be dancing and singing in his room, wearing a gas mask.

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