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Hotel Deep Six is a hotel that SpongeBob and Patrick visit during their brief time in the trench in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie PC game.



It is a sunken ship-style hotel. There are five rooms: Under the hotel, the lobby which has the counter where the manager sits, the hallway, and two rooms. An elderly fish stays in Room One and a fish named Red stays in Room Two.

Role in game

In the PC version of The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie video game on Chapter Five, SpongeBob and Patrick run into a crime at Hotel Deep Six. Here is the mystery:

After entering Room One, SpongeBob asks an elderly fish named Victoria why she is upset. She says that her pearls were stolen the night before and she does not know who took them. After talking to her some more, she tells them that she believes the manager took them. Intrigued, SpongeBob and Patrick take the case. As they leave the room, SpongeBob notices several holes in the floor. The two head to the foyer to ask the manager some questions about the crime. He claims he would never stop to thievery to get his money from Victoria. When he makes mention of a fish named Red staying in Room 2, the boys head to Red's room to question him, but he also denies committing the crime. However, he says that he heard dragging sounds beneath his floor the night before. SpongeBob looks and sees more holes in the floor of Red's room as they leave. SpongeBob leaves the hotel with Patrick, stumped.

After finding a cave far from the hotel, he meets Charles Oscar William Piedmont Augustus Winthrop, A.K.A. the biologist. SpongeBob asks if he can borrow his flashlight, which is just enough to figure out whodunnit. The boys return to the hotel and confront the manager at the counter. He claims he did not do it and SpongeBob says he knows he did not. To prove his theory he asks to check under the hotel. When he checks he finds the culprit, an oyster.

He brings the pearls back to Victoria and tells her what happened. The oyster went into her room through the holes, which SpongeBob noticed earlier, took the pearls, and dragged them to its bed, which explains what the dragging sounds Red heard the night before were.

After getting thanked by Victoria, SpongeBob and Patrick continue their quest to save Mr. Krabs, feeling good they have solved a mystery no one else could.