Lou selling hot dogs

A hot dog is a food that first appears in the episode "MuscleBob BuffPants."


A hot dog is a grilled or steamed sausage sandwich where the sausage is served in the slit of a partially sliced bun. It sometimes has ketchup, mustard, and/or relish on it as condiments.

Role in series

Lou is the main hot dog salesman. Patrick and many other citizens enjoy eating hot dogs, suggesting that they are a popular food in Bikini Bottom.

"The Chaperone"

SpongeBob gets sad over the fact that he made a hot dog land in Judy's hair, but Pearl assures him that was actually quite funny.

"Neptune's Spatula"

Lou tells King Neptune that he does not make the hot dogs he sells.

"SpongeGuard on Duty"

SpongeBob steals a couple's boat to save Patrick from drowning, accidentally stealing their two hot dogs in the process, which he gives back after realizing.

"Club SpongeBob"

Hot dogs are one of the many food items that fell from the table of food from the airplane which SpongeBob and Patrick eat from.

"No Weenies Allowed"

Two of the nerds at Weenie Hut Jr’s are seen eating hot dogs. A hot dog sausage is also the mascot of the restaurant.

"The Thing"

When SpongeBob expresses disdain for Squidward's abduction, Patrick goes off-topic and remarks that his hot dog needs mustard.

"Picture Day"

SpongeBob visits a hotdog shop where he disguises himself as a slice of cheese on top of the building's hot dog statue to avoid being targeted by a group of delinquents. When they appear to be out of sight, SpongeBob gets off the statue only to be sprayed ketchup on by one of the customers, who was actually aiming for his hot dog.

"Nautical Novice"

When SpongeBob gets inside the boat, he points out the hot dog with extra mustard, which has a live-action close-up.

"Boating Buddies"

SpongeBob eats a hot dog for lunch.

"The Play's the Thing"

A hot dog is one of the many items thrown at Squidward by the audience.

"Karate Star"

Patrick chops up many hot dogs into bite-sized pieces.

"Krusty Dogs"

A menu item of the same name is introduced to the Krusty Krab and becomes so popular that it replaces Krabby Patties.

"Bubble Buddy Returns"

SpongeBob blows a bubble shaped like a hot dog.

"SpongeBob You're Fired"

Hot dogs are a main item sold at Weenie Hut, a restaurant which SpongeBob applies for a job at after being fired from the Krusty Krab. After failing to make actual hot dogs, but rather Weenie Patties, Mister Weiner throws said patties on the ground and disqualifies SpongeBob for the job.

Later in the episode, he comes back for him and hires a group of hotdog henchmen to kidnap SpongeBob because his customers actually loved the Weenie Patties.

"The Sewers of Bikini Bottom"

Hot dogs are one of the many food items sold by the food vendor.

"Mall Girl Pearl"

Marina works for Hotdog on a String, a restaurant inside the Bikini Bottom Mall that sells the eponymous food item, which is, as implied, a hot dog sausage wrapped in string. Pearl tries to apply for a job here but is disqualified after the manager is killed in the hot dog machine.

"Don't Feed the Clowns"

SpongeBob and little clown sell and make hot dogs with mustard and relish.


SpongeBob eats a hot dog in bubble form.

"Squirrel Jelly"

After SpongeBob and Patrick's heads shrink, Sandy transforms the regular hot dogs into dinky dogs to conform to their recent size change.

"The Nitwitting"

One of the members of the Empty Head Society is seen trying to eat a hot dog on a string.

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