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Horace A. Whopper is one of the judges from the Bikini Bottom Court House, replacing the retiring Judge Stickleback. He is a true SpongeBob fan. He likes riding on The Krusty Sponge Fun Train. He is nicknamed Judge Trout in some episodes, and was replaced by Judge Sardine, whom his first episode is "Driven to Tears." He also makes an appearance in the episode "Patty Caper" sentencing Mr. Krabs to sell free Krabby Patties all day.


He is an obese, light olive green fish and has a wig that resembles a 1700s male wig, and also somewhat resembles Ned's wig. He is the second judge of the courthouse, replacing the retiring Stickleback. His first time judging is "The Krusty Sponge," named The People vs. Eugene Krabs, where Mr. Krabs refused to give his Krabby Patties for free, Mr. Krabs agreed to give his Krabby Patties for free, Whopper commanded Mr. Krabs to ride the Krusty Sponge Fun Train. Whopper can then be seen riding the Krusty Sponge Fun Train operated by Squidward, who he whips repeatedly.


  • He has been a judge in three episodes, while Judge Stickleback is a judge in one episode along with Judge Sardine.
  • It is unknown what his middle name is, possibly a typographical error.
  • There is a possibility that his last name is named after a popular Burger King hamburger.
  • He is named Judge Trout, according to the bailiff, in some episodes.
  • His first name is named after a SpongeBob minor character, Horace B. Magic.
  • His stomach is flabby, possibly how he got his name.
  • His last name, Whopper, is a fishing term. It can either mean an exceptionally large catch, or an exaggeration of such a catch, especially one that got away.
  • His last name may also be a possible reference to Joseph Wapner, the first arbitrator on The People's Court.
  • His wig is similar to Judge Sardine.


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