Hoppy Doodle is a Doodle Dude and an enemy who appears in the video game Drawn to Life: SpongeBob SquarePants Edition.


It is a light green doodle with a large head, scraggly hair, two misshapen eyes, and a small spring-like appendage that allows it to hop around. It is was created by DoodleBob to help with his plans of destruction.

If the player defeats a Hoppy Doodle for the first time, they can draw a non-corrupted version of Hoppy Doodle that will appear in place of a defeated Hoppy Doodle.

Role in game

Hoppy Doodles are the second type of Doodle Dude encountered, and appear all areas of the game starting from Uptown Bikini Bottom. They spawn from goo and hop around, trying to harm DoodlePants. They take two hits to stun, where they can be erased and replaced by the player's depiction of a friendly Hoopy Doodle.

Hoppy Doodles also appear in DoodleBob's first fight in Bikini Doodle, where they, doodle bats, and Sergeant Doodles help defend DoodleBob from DoodlePants.

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