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Hopalong Squidward[1][2][3][4] Tentacles[citation needed] is the bartender at the Krusty Kantina. He appears in the episode "Pest of the West," the short "Spurskate," the book Pest of the West, and the online game Pest of the West Showdown!


Hopalong is very similar to Squidward in appearance, but has a handle-bar mustache and wears a vest as well as a brown shirt and a bolo tie.


His attitude is very similar to Squidward's: like his descendant, he thinks that SpongeBuck is annoying and sees Pappy Krabs as cheap.

Role in series

"Pest of the West"

He sells a variety of beverages, including milk and root beer, and is shown putting five cents into the Kantina's piano to play a song there.


He is seen spurskating in a freestyle fashion while the announcer is talking about how someone could freestyle spurskate. He also appears in the end in a crowd of Dead Eye Gulch citizens.


  • His name is a parody of Hopalong Cassidy, a fictional cowboy created by the author Clarence E. Mulford.



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