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Hooray for Dads! is a SpongeBob SquarePants book by Erica Pass and The Artifact Group.

It was published by Simon Spotlight/Nickelodeon on April 24, 2006 and has 24 pages. It was made for Kindle on May 6, 2011 and reprinted in paperback form on January 7, 2014.



What is more important than spending time with Dad at the Annual Dad and Kids Games Day? SpongeBob does not think anything else is, until he believes the grand prize is a gold-plated spatula!

They do lots of activities, but in the end Plankton and his dad win, and do an interview on how they won the games. They also get their names engraved on a rock.


  • In the episode "Krab Borg," Squidward uses past tense as if his father is deceased, but in this book, it is confirmed that his father is still alive and well. It is possible though that the book isn't canon to the series.
    • Also, there is proof that Squidward never hugged his father.
  • The list of events that the dads and their kids won:
    • Squidward and his dad won the bubble blowing activity and lost the sandcastle-building activity.
    • SpongeBob and his dad won the jellyfishing activity.
    • Sandy and her dad won the racing activity.
    • Plankton and his dad won the badminton activity and won the entire show.
  • This is the only time where Sandy's, Plankton's, and Squidward's dads are all shown. Squidward's dad has been mentioned before, however.


  • On the cover, Herb's mustache is light brown instead of grey like in the show, and this error was not fixed on the Kindle reprint cover.
  • On the cover, Harold's hat is yellow with an orange stripe instead of a white top, tan bottom, and brown stripe, and this error was not fixed on the reprint covers.
  • In one page in the book, Patrick's eyelids are pink instead of purple.

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