The Highway Speed Patrol of the Bikini Bottom Police Department enforces traffic safety and laws on the road. They first appear in the episode "Boating Buddies."


The officers tend to wear all blue uniforms with a smaller, yellow badge and black boots. They also wear a helmet even if they do not drive motorcycles because they drive regular cruisers. They carry batons on their waist as well. Their helmets consist of sunglasses and a mustache that can be activated by pressing a button on the helmet, as seen in the episode "Bumper to Bumper."

Role in series

"Boating Buddies"

An officer pulls Squidward over and then gives him a ticket, which forces him to go to boating school.

"Bumper to Bumper"

An officer chases SpongeBob during his driving test when he accidentally drives onto the superhighway, and then arrests Mrs. Puff for violating her parole.

"Tutor Sauce"

Mr. Krabs gets a ticket for having Gary demonstrate to SpongeBob how to navigate the double roundabout.

"Burst Your Bubble"

An officer pulls SpongeBob over and asks to see his license for the bubble boat he was driving.

Later, he pulls Mrs. Puff over and has her real boat towed for being "outlawed." Near the end of the episode, he declares that all bubble boats are now illegal and tells everyone to go back to their regular boats.

"Feral Friends"

They are one of the fish seen being transformed into their natural forms by Neptune's moon.

"Teacher's Pests"

An officer makes Mr. Krabs and Plankton go to traffic school for causing many cars on a highway to crash.

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