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Encyclopedia SpongeBobia

"High Tide Time," also known as "It's High Time We Went on Tour," is one of two songs sung in the episode "Hello Bikini Bottom!" The singers are Colonel Carper, SpongeBob, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs.


Colonel Carper: I'm glad you asked! I'll make it perfectly clear,
I'm the guy you made smile from ear to ear.
'Cause a sweet sound's comin' from this here direction the entire ocean should hear!
Now what I am proposing to you,
Is somethin' I feel it is my duty to do.
I'm not just an admiring passer-by,
I wanna be a concert-promoting-manager guy!
Squidward: Are you serious? Is this a dream?
Colonel Carper: Colonel Carper's the name, I think we make a great team!
You and your musical compadre up there,
Are my next big thing, I do solemnly swear!
Colonel Carper: So, what are we waitin' for?
It's high tide time we go on tour!
Together we'll set sail on a magical musical journey,
Where we'll play for at least a trillion and that guy on that gurney.
Screaming fans will insistently clap their hands for more,
As you fly through the air, doing your fourth encooorrre!
And remember to bring your rake,
'Cause Neptune only knows the money we'll make!
Mr. Krabs: Did someone say money? I could swear that's what I heard,
I got super sensitive hearing when it comes to that word!
Squidward: Yes, he said money, but, more importantly, he said fa-aa-ans!
And not the type that blows air when you're feeling too hot,
The type that wants your autograph on everything they've got!
Fish: Signature, Mr. Tentacles?
SpongeBob: And I heard the word "team", which is special to me-ee!
'Cause through the power of music, there's no way we won't get
Too bond together in this special duet.
Colonel Carper and SpongeBob: So, what are we waitin' for?
It's high tide time we went on tour!
Squidward: Uh, excuse me, is there any way I could do this tour as a soloist?
Colonel Carper: Hmm, let me think about that for a second...
None! What-so-e-ver!
The tour must consist, and I do persist,
Of the tall one with halitosis,
And the square one with the talented wrist.
Squidward: A dream wrapped in pain,
I don't know whether to smile or pout.
Mr. Krabs: Excuse me, Colonel,
I'll be taking over from here on out.
Colonel Carper: But it was I who discovered this soon-to-be-famous pair,
And I'm the one who knows what it takes to get them there!
You'll need a tour bus, venues, gotta build a buzz, you need equipment and roadies, too.
I'm the expert of all things concert-promotionally speaking, you have no inkling, you have no clue!
Mr. Krabs: Thanks for all the great tips, I think you should be on your way.
Goodbye, good luck, have a nice day!
So, what are we waitin' for?
It's high tide time we went on tour!