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The "High Seas Chant" is a song sung by Mr. Krabs in the episode "Earworm," in an attempt to free SpongeBob from his Earworm after he becomes addicted to the song "Musical Doodle." He says that he and his "mates" used to sing this song while "sailing the high seas." He sings it extremely fast, and the song does not affect the Earworm.


Mr. Krabs: It be drafty and wet on the mighty high seas,
The ideal abode for rampant disease
So, Mateys, Oh, Mateys,
Don't ever weep,
If I so much as peep, cast me into the deep!


  • Mr. Krabs wears a sailor hat over his right eye when singing this.
  • There are many dance moves, such as twirls or lunges, that Mr. Krabs does while singing this song.
  • If the song is slowed down, it sounds similar to the song Squidly Tentacles sang to the Dark Knight in the episode "Dunces and Dragons."