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"Hey, Mean Mr. Bossman" is the song that SpongeBob listens to on his record player in the episode "Squid on Strike." The song's melody can be heard as background music for that episode's title card as well. Its lyrics are told from the point of view of a laborer complaining about his workload and finally tendering his resignation.

The song was written by supervising/executive producer Paul Tibbitt and composed and performed by Jeremy Wakefield and Sage Guyton.


Hey, mean Mr. Bossman,
I'm a-quittin' this here job.
You've been outside gettin' tan
An' I've been gettin' robbed.
My life is worth so much more
Than a dollar an' ten an hour,
Wakin' up 'bout a quarter to four
An' I'm startin' ta turn sour.
So, hey, mean Mr. Bossman,
I'm a-quittin' this here job.
I'm sick of eatin' old bran
An' livin' like a slob.
You got me livin' like a slob.