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If you were looking for the article about the father of Patrick in The Patrick Star Show, then see Cecil Star.
Wow son, you recognized us this time!
— Herb Star, "I'm with Stupid"

Herb [3] Star is the husband of Margie Star and the father of Sam and Patrick. He first appears in the episode "I'm with Stupid."


Herb and his wife look similar. He has a large walrus-esque dark gray mustache and is coral pink with red dots. Just like the rest of the Star family, his pants are the same as Patrick's but he wears a shirt that has a mauve color with light green flowers. He wears the same colors as his wife and his son Patrick.


Herb was born as one of at least three children of Maw Tucket, daughter of Yorick, and Princess Tulsa and Billy Bob Star.

He fell in love with Margie when they went to the World's Least Interesting Sweater.[4]

The two married and had two children, Sam and Patrick.

He is also the paternal uncle of Gary the Snail according to Patrick's family tree.

Role in series

"Home Sweet Pineapple"

He is indirectly mentioned along with his wife as "parents," in which it is revealed that Patrick's parents kicked him out and forced him to live on his own.

"I'm with Stupid"

He and his wife appear at the end of the episode. Squidward comes over to Patrick's house to say that Patrick's parents have been repeatedly asking where their son is. Patrick hugs his parents and they are impressed that he can do basic tasks like getting dressed.

"Rule of Dumb"

He appears on the family tree. This appearance also reveals one of his names.

Hooray for Dads! (Book)

He is seen as one of the fathers at the Annual Dad and Kids Games Day event.

Drawn to Life: SpongeBob SquarePants Edition

He appears as someone who the main character has to save.

"Snooze You Lose"

While suffering from a soda eruption in his stomach, Patrick says to SpongeBob to his parents that he loves her along with Margie Bunny.

"Patrick's Tantrum"

He rings the bell to Patrick and causes him to throw a tantrum because he hates the bell ringing. He also tells him in the end that he didn't use to ring a bell, he squeezed a rubber duck.