Helen the Felon is a criminal who first appears in the episode "Call the Cops." She is known to the Bikini Bottom Police Department as the most notorious criminal in town.

She is voiced by Sirena Irwin in "Call the Cops." She makes a non-speaking appearance in the background of "The Goofy Newbie." In "Escape from Beneath Glove World," her character model is reused for one of the Glove World! prisoners, but she is voiced by Carolyn Lawrence and credited as "Cute Kid #4."


She is a little fish girl with light pink scales, blonde hair in two ponytails tied up by red bands, and wears a pink shirt with a purple dress.


At first, Helen seems like an innocent girl who could do no wrong. However, this is an act, as she is really a conniving criminal who has been called "the most notorious criminal in Bikini Bottom." She is really quite vicious and lethal, as seen when she attacks both SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs.

It is implied that she will stand up for other children when they get bullied, as she willingly bit the lemonade seller at Glove World! due to him hating kids.

Role in series

"Call the Cops"

She gets arrested by SpongeBob for selling cookies without a license. She goes to the Bikini Bottom Police Department to get checked in, and her background is told by an officer to SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs. At the officer's request, she reveals her true nature to the duo by hitting and biting them, surprising the pair with her evil acts.

She is subsequently placed in an interrogation room to get "interrogated" by SpongeBob but she turns it around and he cracks under pressure at her questions.

She is later put in jail with SpongeBob, Patrick, Plankton, and Mr. Krabs before being crushed by Patrick at the end of the episode.

"The Goofy Newbie"

She is one of the various children dining at Goofy Goober's Ice Cream Party Boat, where she watches Patrick make ice cream sculptures.

"Escape from Beneath Glove World"

She is one of the kids arrested and sent to the Glove World! Jail for breaking a rule; in her case, for biting a lemonade seller. She then leads the other kids in a jailbreak after SpongeBob and Patrick escape.


  • She is the third child character on the show to have been arrested, following Incidental 150 and Tyler in "Shuffleboarding."
    • However, neither of these two children are criminals.
  • Despite being a minor, she is put in regular jail rather than juvenile hall, although Bikini Bottom has not been shown to have a juvenile correctional facility before.
  • She looks similar to Brian Morante's daughter caricature fish, only with a different hairstyle.
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