Heart on stick must die!
Patrick Star reacting to the Heart-a-Whirl, "Valentine's Day"

The Heart-a-Whirl is a ride at the Valentine's Day Carnival. The riders sit in seats that are attached to wires that allow the riders to feel like they are flying. It appears in the episode "Valentine's Day" and the app SpongeBob Moves In!



The ride is held up by a red and white striped pole. It has seven seats, with each one attached to the top of the pole. Each seat is in one of three colors: purple, red, or green. On the top of the ride's pole is a giant heart.

Role in episode

It appears in the background of the episode several times. During Patrick's rampage, he attempts to destroy the Heart-a-Whirl, but he cannot due to how heavy it is, so he takes out his anger on a little girl's lollipop instead.
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