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This is the page about the health inspector in "Nasty Patty". For other uses, see Health Inspector (disambiguation).
Not to be confused with Incidental 107, Ted (fish), or R.A. PennyPincher.
Pets are people too!
— Health Inspector, "A Place for Pets"

Health Inspector Yellowtail[1] Andy[2], more commonly known as the health inspector, is a health inspector who first appears in the episode "Nasty Patty."


He is a dark purple fish with a cyan dorsal fin and dark purple eyelids and lips. He wears a navy blue suit over his white dress shirt and a red tie. He also has black leather shoes, a brown fedora with a tan stripe, and a star shaped badge. In his older appearances, his dorsal fin was magenta, his eyelids were lavender, his lips were plum, his tie was red, and his fedora was dark gray with a lighter gray stripe.

Role in series

He has appeared in a few episodes throughout the series where he is almost always portrayed as a health inspector. He makes his biggest appearance in his debut "Nasty Patty."

Major roles

"Nasty Patty"

He appears as the health inspector for the Krusty Krab. Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob give him plenty of food. When he is done, he requests a regular Krabby Patty. The TV in the Krusty Krab kitchen shows a news report that a fake inspector has been going around getting free food. Mr. Krabs assumed that he was the fake health inspector and he forces SpongeBob to help him make the worst patty possible. They put a lot of random things in it; SpongeBob calls it the "Nasty Patty."

SpongeBob delivers it to him. He is about to eat it when a fly gets in his throat and he chokes. He drops the patty and slips, knocking him out. Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob laugh at his pain, not seeing what happened.

Another news report comes in saying that the fake inspector has been arrested. SpongeBob says that when they explain the situation to him, they will all have a good laugh. Mr. Krabs looks out and says that he won't be laughing because the patty killed him.

Panicking, Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob take the body to the graveyard and try to bury the body. They walk away and Incidental 118B and Incidental 118 drive by. They offer to drive Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob to the Krusty Krab. They take the offer and go back to put the shovel in the trunk. It starts to rain and the Health Inspector Yellowtail Andy's body slides down the mud and SpongeBob notices. They put the body in the trunk and get into the police car as the car drives away.

Using code, Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob to take the body and put it into the freezer. When they get back to the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob tries to go through the backdoor, but it's locked. He then puts the body in his hat and goes through the front door. Later, Incidental 118B requests ice in her drink, and the two try to hide what they have done. Eventually, they have to open the freezer door and the body isn't there. Jokingly, they think that the inspector became a zombie. Health Inspector Yellowtail Andy shows up and they all think that he is a zombie. Incidental 118B and Incidental 118 hit him with heavy objects and Incidental 118 notices that he's not a zombie, revealing to SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs that he is alive. Health Inspector Yellowtail Andy then gives the Krusty Krab a passing grade.

After Mr. Krabs says that everyone will get patties, Health Inspector Yellowtail Andy is happy to eat one before he is hit in the face by a shutting door though presumably eats.

"The Krabby Kronicle"

Plankton assumes he has created the "Chumstick that will finally run Mr. Krabs out of business". However, Health Inspector Yellowtail Andy shows up and closes the Chum Bucket down after reading the Krabby Kronicle article that says "Plankton's Chum Made of Your Chums!!!" Later in the episode, Plankton claims that due to Mr. Krabs' lying actions, he lost the Chum Bucket.

"You Don't Know Sponge"

A yellow version of him appears alongside Frank the whale, to which he asks what is wrong after stopping abruptly from hearing the noises from Patrick. After Frank tells him the whale sounds like Martha, he tells Frank that Martha is no good for him.

"Planet of the Jellyfish"

The yellow version of him appears as a Jellien clone ordering a Krabby Patty from Jellien Squidward.

"SpongeBob's Place"

He is called by Squidward to close SpongeBob's Place about halfway through the episode. He and Incidental G12 appear at the end, shutting it down, because it's against state law to sell food inside a pineapple.

"Plankton's Old Chum"

He appears to charge Plankton for spreading chum all over the Bikini Bottom. He tells Plankton he could either pay the 1 billion dollars charged, or he could eat all the chum. Plankton takes the second offer and takes several days to clean it up, resulting in him getting extremely overweight.

"Kwarantined Krab"

He detects someone within the Krusty Krab carrying the Clam Flu disease, and orders the restaurant to be shut down. He eventually returns to reopen the Krusty Krab, claiming he made a false positive only to find that its occupants (SpongeBob, Squidward, Patrick, Pearl, Mrs. Puff, and Mr. Krabs) had been affected with various diseases during a paranoid fight among them. Horrified, Health Inspector Yellowtail Andy calls a hazmat team to take the restaurant away.

"A Place for Pets"

He first appears in the disguise of a little girl at the Krusty Krab when Mr. Krabs allowed pets into the restaurant. He tells Krabs that he will shut down the Krusty Krab unless he chooses the Krusty Krab to be only for people or only for pets. Mr. Krabs chooses to make the Krusty Krab only for pets due to believing that pet are more profitable than people.

Later when a bunch of customers disguised themselves as pet in order to eat at the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob discovers that Health Inspector Yellowtail Andy snuck into the Krusty Krab with them in a Sea bear costume. The other customers get mad at him because the whole debacle was his fault. Nervously, Health Inspector Yellowtail Andy says that he simply wanted a Krabby Patty so bad and claims that he has learned that pets are like people too by singing the song "Pets Are People Too" along with everyone else in the Krusty Krab. He then allows the Krusty Krab to be a restaurant for both pets and people again.