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"He's Flying" is a song sung by SpongeBob and the Bikini Bottomites in the episode "The Sponge Who Could Fly" when the townspeople are seen watching him fly for the first time.


Mable's son: Mom, look! It's the flying guy!
Mable: Wow, I guess he wasn't a lunatic after all.
SpongeBob: I'm flying! I'm flying!
Bikini Bottomites: He's flying! He's flying!
He's really really flying!
SpongeBob: They laughed, they scoffed,
Before I had liftoff.
Bikini Bottomites: But, now he's flying!
He's flying high in the sky!
SpongeBob: I'd love to hang around to say "I told you so."
But it's off to Jellyfish Fields I go!
Roads and streets are not for me!
Mrs. Puff: Help! Please help!
My snail is up a tree!
I've had her since I was a little girl,
But now it looks like the end of her world...
No! [Mrs. Puff's snail falls down from the tree, and SpongeBob comes to catch her.]
SpongeBob: Gotcha! Next time, try the elevator.
Mrs. Puff: Thank you, birdman!
SpongeBob: I have never felt so free,
High in the sky is the place for me!
Helping friends from up above,
These are the things that I love!
I'll help Mr. Krabs reclaim his dime,
Mr. Krabs: I'm rich!
And I'll save Patrick from this mime!
Patrick: Thanks buddy.
Even Plankton needs some help,
When he gets tangled in the ke-e-e-e-e-e-elp!
Plankton: Please put me down!


  • On the main menu of the Lost at Sea DVD, an instrumental version of this song is played on loop.
  • In the Italian dub, this song is cut.
  • This is the first of three songs in "The Sponge Who Could Fly."



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