Not to be confused with Hazelnut.

Hazel Nutt is Sandy's aunt that appears in SpongeBob Comics No. 60 in the Sandy's Aunt comic strip.


She is a gray squirrel wearing a green dress, bonnet and glasses.

Role in comic

Sandy says that her aunt is coming to visit her. However, Hazel disapproves of Sandy's choice to live underwater. When she finally comes to Sandy's treedome, she could not leave her capsule since she cannot breathe underwater and Sandy could not greet her because she has all of her air helmets broken.

Her capsule soon attracts the Bottomites, who start swinging Hazel's capsule. Sandy quickly tapes her helmet and scares the fish away, but when her helmet breaks again, she has to enter Hazel's capsule for air.

Squirrels (VE)

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