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"Have You Seen This Snail?" is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season four. In this episode, Gary runs away.



Act 1

Have You Seen This Snail? 001

While SpongeBob is walking home with a heavy bag of snail food for Gary, Patrick tells him that he has something important to tell him, but SpongeBob does not have time since the bag is too heavy. Then he leaves the snail food on the porch and opens a package sitting on his doorstep to find a Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Paddle Ball Set. Then SpongeBob begins to play with it and finds the Dirty Bubble Challenge inside the box, which presents him with the absurdly impossible task of hitting the paddleball 29,998,559,671,349 times in a row.

He accepts the challenge and then repeatedly attempts it, never being able to hit the ball even once. Meanwhile, Gary goes to his food bowl to eat, but he sees that it is empty. Then he confronts SpongeBob for his food, but SpongeBob is too preoccupied with the paddleball and tosses Gary's needs aside so he can finish the Dirty Bubble challenge. Feeling disowned, Gary abandons SpongeBob, who does not even notice that he left. Gary wanders across the sea aimlessly and eventually gets on a bus to move away from Bikini Bottom.

Have You Seen This Snail 024

Gary leaving SpongeBob

Sometime later, Patrick goes to SpongeBob's house to tell him what he was going to say the other day, remarking that he has not seen his friend "in a couple of days." Then, Patrick finds out that the house is deteriorated into an unkempt mess and SpongeBob is psychologically broken, lying in a fetal position in his private quarters. SpongeBob tells him that he became this way from taking the Dirty Bubble Challenge and Patrick wails at the mention of the challenge; Patrick reveals that he beat the challenge years ago and won, but then he lost the trophy they sent. SpongeBob, who has now snapped out of his depression, invites Patrick into the kitchen for kelp cookies and seahorse milk to cheer him up.

SpongeBob serves Patrick a "fresh" glass of milk before tripping over Gary's food bowl. SpongeBob remembers that he had to feed Gary, so he gets the bag of snail food from his porch, remarking that it has gathered a lot of dust for "a couple hours." But when he calls Gary to come to dinner, Gary doesn't show up. Growing unease, SpongeBob asks Patrick how long he was taking the Dirty Bubble Challenge. Patrick, judging by the condition of the milk, which has spoiled to the point of being completely solid, tells SpongeBob that he was doing the challenge for about seven to ten days.

Shocked, SpongeBob began to desperately look for Gary, he even rampaged through Squidward's house, while Squidward was enjoying a bath. Then SpongeBob and Patrick checked the mailbox, and that's where SpongeBob found a note from Gary and then it told him that he ran away to find a new owner who'll actually remember to feed him. Then SpongeBob was devastated by that, and then he realized that his negligence of Gary caused him to run away from home and Patrick didn't make it any better.

Have You Seen This Snail 069

Meanwhile, Gary came to a seedy and uninviting neighborhood in Bass Vegas. After a close encounter with a gang of alley snails (who just wanted to give him nachos), Gary was found by an old lady who recognizes him as "Miss Tuffsy."

Act 2

She took Gary into her house, where she pampered and overfed him. Meanwhile, SpongeBob desperately searched all over Bikini Bottom for Gary, but to no success.

The next morning at work, SpongeBob was extremely depressed and unproductive. Then Mr. Krabs told him that all his problems can be solved with a little hard work. Then SpongeBob interpreted that as meaning that he has to work harder to find Gary, and with newfound confidence, and then he left the Krusty Krab to continue his search for Gary. Mr. Krabs is left stunned by this decision but is too late to stop his employee.

Have You Seen This Snail 108

SpongeBob searches for Gary

Then he put up fliers around town to directly apologize to Gary and ask him to come home. They put one on the door of a crafts store. When Patrick sees that the store was having a sale on scented pine cones, then he rushed in to buy some. When inside, he saw Gary with Granny and then he asked her where the scented pine cones are. Then she told Patrick that she bought all of them. By saddened about the disappearance of the scented pine cones, Patrick left, and oblivious to the fact that he actually found Gary and then he didn't mention it to SpongeBob.

Then it was followed by a song set to a montage of SpongeBob heartbroken (along with Patrick) and he unsuccessfully searched for Gary everywhere, and then he published some media asking him to come home. After returning from a day out with his new owner, Gary indicated that he has to go to the bathroom, then Granny gave him a stack of fliers given to her by a "little chubby boy" (who was obviously none other than Patrick). Then Gary saw that the stack of fliers are of him and that they're from SpongeBob, who has written lots of apologies on them. Gary then realized that SpongeBob was looking for him and that he really does care about him. Gary feels sad for leaving SpongeBob, so he tries to return to him. While Granny was in the kitchen, getting the meatloaf she had been cooking for Gary, he tried to find an exit and then he stumbled across a closet full of dead snail shells. Much to his horror, Gary realized that Granny was overfeeding him and she presumably did many other snails before, to fatten them up to eat them and then the snails in the picture yelled “RUN!” so then he ran out the door to escape Granny.

Then Granny chased Gary, and then she tried to intrigue him with cookies and deviled eggs. Then he hid in a back alley, and when he encountered one of the alley snails he met the other day. Then he pushed him into the open, where Granny believed him to be Miss Tuffsy and then she took him in place of Gary.

Have You Seen This Snail 142

Gary and SpongeBob reunite.

Meanwhile, SpongeBob has given up on looking for Gary, and Patrick still forgets to tell him he saw Gary but mentions something idiotic and SpongeBob left the house still heartbroken. While looking at a billboard of Gary, SpongeBob apologized to Gary again and then he wished to see him one last time. Suddenly, Gary came back to him and then the two of them joyfully reunited. Then SpongeBob promised to never neglect Gary again and then took him inside to feed him, and then he said that he must be starving, and he was unaware of what Gary has been through, to which Gary responds with a denial "Meow" stating that he is full.

Shower In A Can!
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Where's Gary-Promo art

Promotional artwork, depicting SpongeBob putting up posters and signs

In a press release on November 1, 2005, Nickelodeon officially announced the episode and promoted it as the "Where's Gary" special. According to the network, "it's a sad day in Bikini Bottom when SpongeBob learns that his beloved pet snail Gary is missing and that he may be at fault in the mollusk's disappearance." Marjorie Cohn, Executive Vice President of Development and Original Programming for Nickelodeon, said "kids love their pets and there's certainly some relatability here in the relationship between SpongeBob and Gary -- skewed though it may be[...] It's fun to see Gary express a whole range of emotions using only his signature 'meow.'"[1]

Deleted scene

According to the storyboard, SpongeBob was originally going to visit Squidward's house and ask him if he could give him a hand with the bag of snail food.


 ) Associated production music
 ) Original music
 ) SpongeBob music

  Open and End Fanfare - Nino Nardini ["Ahoy, it's a SpongeBob SquarePants special!"]
  Lap Steel - Nicolas Carr ["Ahoy, it's a SpongeBob SquarePants special!"]
  Alley Cats - Robert Mersey [title card]
  Alekoki - Kapono Beamer [SpongeBob carrying snail food]
  What's This Sting - Nicolas Carr [form letter]
  Gator - Steve Belfer [SpongeBob reads it]
  Lap Steel - Nicolas Carr [SpongeBob leaves the snail food outside]
  Knights of the Air - Sam Fonteyn ["Let's see what we got here."]
  Life on the Wild Side - Sam Spence [Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy paddleball set]
  The Beast Within - Paddy Kingsland [Dirty Bubble challenge]
  The Holy Land - David Farnon [choir]
  Grand Orchestral Fanfare - Gregor Narholz [SpongeBob begins playing paddleball]
  On the Beach - Kapono Beamer [Gary goes over to his food bowl/Gary meows to SpongeBob]
  Life on the Wild Side - Sam Spence ["Mermaid Man needs me."]
  Rescue - Cecil Milner [SpongeBob describing Dirty Bubble]
  Hawaiian Link (b) - Richard Myhill ["Pets."]
  Dramatic Impact 2 - Ivor Slaney [Gary leaps onto SpongeBob's face]
  Dramatic Cue (b) - Ronald Hanmer [SpongeBob runs around screaming]
  Pua Paoakalani B - Queen Lili'uokalani, Kapono Beamer [Gary about to leave SpongeBob's house/Gary leaves SpongeBob's house on a bus]
  Vibe Q Sting - Nicolas Carr [Patrick sees bag of snail food]
  Graveyard - Johnny Pearson [Patrick looking for SpongeBob]
  Dramatic Impact 2 - Ivor Slaney ["SpongeBob, what happened?!"]
  Fates [#62] - Gregor Narholz [SpongeBob on the floor]
  Bittersweet Memory - Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin ["Many years ago, I took that challenge!"]
  Closing the Door - Nicolas Carr [door closed]
  Quiz Logo 1 - Dave Hewson ["I think it has something to do with this bowl."]
  Swell Idea - Nicolas Carr ["That's it, I gotta feed Gary!"]
  Hawaiian Party - Peter Dennis [SpongeBob puts food in Gary's bowl]
  Waddle Cop - David Farnon [solid milk]
  Of Love and Destiny - Leighton Lucas [SpongeBob can't find Gary anywhere]
  Harmonica Shorts [#30] - Robert Appleton, Rick Fenn [Gary wandering through a desert]
  Harmonica Shorts [#31] - Robert Appleton, Rick Fenn [Gary's stomach howls]
  Harmonica Shorts [#32] - Robert Appleton, Rick Fenn [Gary sneezes]
  You're Nice - Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield ["Gary's favorite treats!"]
  Unknown Hawaiian Sting (a) - Jeremy Wakefield [later that night]
  Torn Apart - Mike Sunderland ["Gary, where are you?"]
  Comic Walk - Sidney Torch [Squidward taking a bath]
  Six Powerful Cues (f) - Wilfred William Burns [looking for Gary in Squidward's bathroom]
  Unknown Track 40 - Nicolas Carr ["Here goes nothing."]
  Comic Cues [#25] - Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin [letters fly out of mailbox]
  Lap Steel - Nicolas Carr ["Look, Pat"]
  Woe is Me! - Richard Myhill [note from Gary]
  Whisper from the Past [#64] - Gregor Narholz ["Dear Neptune, what have I done?"]
  Alley Cats - Robert Mersey [Gary in the city]
  Heavenly Voices (b) - David Farnon [nachos]
  Alley Cats - Robert Mersey [other snails hiss at Gary]
  West Side Rumble - Sam Spence [Gary slithers away]
  Evil Alien Attack 1 [#15] - Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin [Gary sees a shadowy figure]
  Light and Easy - Harry Rabinowitz ["There you are, Miss Tufsy."]
  Waltzing in Dreamland - Alan Moorhouse [Gramma puts on music]
  Pacific Romance - Jan Rap [SpongeBob looking all over town for Gary]
  Stealthily - Jack Shaindlin [Gary and Gramma watching TV]
  Lynda's Music Box - Peter Dennis [Gramma puts Gary to bed]
  Botany Bay (b) - Robert Alexander White [the next morning at the Krusty Krab]
  Dramatic Impact 3 - Ivor Slaney [Krabby Patty covered in tears]
  Hawaiian Breeze - Jon Jelmer [SpongeBob crying]
  Marching to Honolulu - Kapono Beamer ["If I'm gonna find Gary, I'm gonna need to work harder at it."]
  Dramatic Cue (d) - Ronald Hanmer ["It's the apocalypse!"]
  Unknown Track 41 - "Patrick, now is not the time for talking. We've got work to do."
  Lambs in Clover - Jack Strachey [Gary having breakfast]
  Beach Boy - Hilmar Doetsch, Karl Heinz Kroll [inside the craft store]
  Gary Come Home - Stew [montage of SpongeBob looking for Gary]
  Folli the Foal - Andrew Fenner ["Gramma will get a lovely meatloaf in the oven for you."]
  Whisper from the Past [#64] - Gregor Narholz [Gary sees SpongeBob's flyers]
  Stepping into Danger - Mike Sunderland [Gary opens a door]
  Dramatic Cue (d) - Ronald Hanmer [closet full of snail shells]
  House of Horror - William Farran [Gary finds out Grandma's true plan of eating him/Gary escapes from Grandma's house]
  Footsteps of Horror - William Farran [Grandma shows Gary deviled eggs]
  House of Horror - William Farran [Grandma goes after Gary/"Miss Tuffsy, I know you're back there, I can't hear your stomach growling."]
  Vibe Q Sting - Nicolas Carr ["When Gary left, he took all my tears with him."]
  Drowsy Reef - Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield ["Gary loved balsa wood!"]
  Romantic Entrance [#22] - Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin ["Gary!"]
  Romantic Entrance [#24] - Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin ["So, did you hear any of that, or do I have to repeat myself?"]
  Celebrations - Jan Rap [ending]
  Where's Gary? - Andy Paley, Tom Kenny [Closing credits]



  • Nickelodeon supported this episode with a month-long off-air marketing campaign including print, outdoor, and consumer product partner support, along with the release of a preview clip and bonus coverage of the episode on Nickelodeon's broadband online platform TurboNick, and the Trail of the Snail online game.
    • In a sweepstakes event with the promotional name of the special, every night for five days leading to the episode's premiere, Patchy the Pirate and other celebrity guests searched in various locations for Gary. By visiting, the viewers could receive a Trail of The Snail tracking card to enter Patchy's search locations in order to win the sweepstakes. The prize was a trip to the Nickelodeon Animation Studio to meet the production team of the show and sit in on a voice recording session with the series' cast.


  • "Have You Seen This Snail?" was viewed by eight-million people.[2] It was the highest-rated program on all TV with children aged two to eleven for the year of 2005 behind the Super Bowl and the Super Bowl kick-off, and the highest-rated program on all of cable TV with children aged 2 to 11 and children aged 6 to 11 in 2005.[3]
  • Critics produced mixed reviews for "Have You Seen This Snail?" Tom Shales of The Washington Post called the episode deeply hilarious and described the plot as a "bittersweet riot." He drew attention to how the story is similar to the plot of "Dumped," an earlier episode in which Gary deserted SpongeBob.[4]
  • The television critic for the St Petersburg Times was not so positive about the episode, criticizing how SpongeBob's disappointed and sad character in "Have You Seen This Snail?" is quite different to the character's normal bright personality.[5]
  • "Have You Seen This Snail?" was ranked #10 during the Best Day Ever event on November 9–10, 2006.



  • This is the first episode made in 2005 according to the credits, and also the last episode to premiere that year.
  • This is the first half-hour special of season 4. The second is "Dunces and Dragons."
  • The plot for the upcoming SpongeBob SquarePants feature film The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run is similar to this episode, as both involve Gary being taken by someone and SpongeBob and Patrick teaming up to go find him.
  • The title card for this episode is similar to that of "Wet Painters" in that both contain white paint on a wooden background.
  • This is the first of the four 30-minute specials on November 11 of separate years. The others were "The Great Patty Caper" in 2010, "A SquarePants Family Vacation" in 2011, and "SpongeBob You're Fired" in 2013.
  • Advertisements for this episode refer to it as "Where's Gary?" It is also called "Where's Gary?" on its VHS and DVD releases.[6]
  • There is a book based on this episode titled Where's Gary?
  • In international dubbings of this episode, the song "Gary Come Home" is either sung by SpongeBob himself or is left untranslated.
    • However, this does not occur in Brazil.
  • "Nickelodeon Inc." is written on the packaging of the Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Paddle Ball Set. Viacom was previously referenced in-series in "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V."
  • One of the buses is seen being driven by a policeman rather than a typical Bikini Bottomite.
  • The original plot for this episode was going to be Granny fattening Gary up to eat him, but this was changed due to it being deemed too scary for a children's series.[7] Also, she had an axe that was replaced with a tray of cookies.[8]
  • It is revealed that Gary has a clock inside his shell that tells what time he eats.
  • It is revealed that Gary loves balsa wood.
  • It is revealed that Gary has been SpongeBob's pet since he was a child.
    Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 11.55.14 PM

    "Ahoy, it's a SpongeBob SquarePants special!"

  • This episode, along with "What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?" and "Pest of the West," has a Patchy the Pirate opening in Flash animation.
  • The scene where Squidward screams when SpongeBob and Patrick enter his house has become a famous meme on YouTube. The videos are usually named "[Insert name here] drops by Squidward's house." It consists of a collection of videos depicting the scene being edited so that a completely random character is pasted into the picture, covering up view of SpongeBob and Patrick. He screams normally, but it is looped backwards to help extend the video.
    Have You Seen This Snail 058

    SpongeBob and Patrick drops by Squidward's House.

  • A clip of this episode was seen in the 2007 movie Alvin and the Chipmunks, which crew member Tim Hill appeared in.
  • In Poland, this episode is called "Kto widział ślimaka?," which means "Who Seen the Snail?"
  • In Brazil, this episode is called "Cadê Esse Caracol?," which means "Where Is This Snail?"
  • "Have You Seen This Snail?" featured an original piece of music written for the episode by the musician Stew, entitled "Gary Come Home."[4]
  • This episode marks the second instance of Gary leaving SpongeBob. The first was in "Dumped."
  • This episode premiered two years after Friends Forever was released.
  • This is the first double-length episode not to feature Patchy, not counting his cameo in the opening.
  • It would be impossible to hit the paddleball 29,998,559,671,349 times in a row. With a constant four hits per second the challenge would take at least 238,000 years.
  • Patrick's line "Office products falling from the sky!" is reused in the online game Are You Smarter Than Patrick Star?
    • It has also become a meme along with the face he makes when he tries the spoiled milk.
  • Granny mistakes SpongeBob for a "little chubby boy."
  • This episode shows that SpongeBob and Patrick share a mailbox together as the text "SquarePat" is imprinted on it. However, this is not shown in any other episodes.
  • The solid condition of Patrick's milk resembles a marshmallow in appearance and texture.
  • This is one of the few episodes where SpongeBob is shown to have a hallway leading up to his bedroom. Usually, it is just the staircase following his kitchen.
  • SpongeBob is shown to have a picture of a Krabby Patty hung on his bedroom wall.
  • The Hats location from "My Pretty Seahorse" reappears, but in a different location and with a different appearance.
  • In the bedroom Granny puts Gary to sleep in, there are a lot of pictures of her with a snail who looks exactly like Gary hung on the wall. Unless this is Miss Tuffsy or another snail who resembles Gary full-on, there is no way she could have gotten photos of her and Gary up that quickly, since she has only known him for barely an hour at this point.
  • Granny seems to be aware that Gary is missing, but fails to recognize that the snail she mistook as Miss Tuffsy is Gary. This is further evident when she mistakes the green alley snail as Miss Tuffsy as well.

Culture references

  • Around the time this episode premiered, Cartoon Network had a snail resembling Gary at the bottom of the screen during its programs. The joke was that Gary had run away from Nickelodeon to Cartoon Network at the time. It should also be noted that Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon were bitter enemies during the 90s and early 2000s, so they started insulting each other in their bumpers.[1]
  • Bass Vegas is a parody of the real-life city Los Vegas.
  • When Gary and Granny are riding in the latter's car, Granny says "Set phasers on fun!," a reference to the Star Trek line "Set phasers on stun."
  • The alley snails group is a parody of alley cats.


  • When Granny takes Gary to dance, the blanket is still there, but after that, it is gone.
  • When Patrick flips SpongeBob, the paddleball is missing, but it later reappears.
  • When SpongeBob trips on Gary's bowl, the milk splashes out from the jug, but when Patrick shakes the milk out of the glass, it is in a solid form.
  • When SpongeBob reads the note left on his door, he walks inside and leaves the door open, but when the mailman rings the doorbell, SpongeBob opens the door even though it was already open.
  • When Gary is getting out of the food dish, he does not have the running-away sack. In the scene right after, he has it on his back.
  • When Squidward says "What are those neanderthals up to?," his teeth look different and one can see each individual tooth, similar to Patrick's teeth.
Squarepat mailbox in Have You Seen This Snail?


  • When Granny puts Gary down, he is missing a dot on his shell.
  • When Gary gets back to SpongeBob's house, he groans after SpongeBob suggests Gary being hungry. However, he should be hungry since it would have taken him a week to ten days to get back to Bikini Bottom, even though it only took him less than an hour.
    • Patrick suggests that they were at Martha's Craft Zone that day. However, Gary would have taken a week to 10 days to get back to Bikini Bottom.
  • SpongeBob is seen driving a plane during the montage of "Gary Come Home" even though he does not have his license.
  • SpongeBob promises to give Patrick kelp cookies and seahorse milk, though when the scene pans to the kitchen, no kelp cookies are seen, just seahorse milk.
Haveyouseenthissnail RDKerror
  • When SpongeBob says "I can’t find Gary!," right before the scene changes in a bubble transition, a Rough Draft Korea card appears for a split second, similar to the error in "Squidville."

Although this happen in some episodes from the early seasons:

Running gags

  • Patrick worrying about something, only for it to turn out what he is worrying about is completely unrelated to the situation.
  • Granny calling Gary "Miss Tuffsy."
  • SpongeBob saying "Darn it" when failing the Dirty Bubble challenge.
  • Gary being overfed.


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