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The haunted house boat, a.k.a. the flying house boat, is the home and work of Lord Poltergeist and his crew. It appears in the episode "Ghoul Fools" and the mobile game SpongeBob Moves In! It is also seen on TV at SpongeBob's house in "Planet of the Jellyfish."



It looks like a stereotypical haunted house on a steamboat. It is filled with scary spiders, snakes, and ghosts. It has got a balcony on the roof, where the rudder is, and a very tall chimney. In the back, it has a water wheel. The mechanisms in the boiler room makes the water wheel moves, making the ship fly.


It is a haunted house, with a main room which houses Lord Poltergeist and other ghosts. Some of the rooms seen are the throne room, where SpongeBob and Patrick spent most of their time; a hallway with an enchanted door and a boiler room.

Role in series

"Ghoul Fools"

SpongeBob and Patrick see the boat crash and decide to wander in and explore it. Patrick thinks the boat is an attraction, while SpongeBob is scared of it.

Later, they meet Lord Poltergeist, who sings them a song with his crew, and orders SpongeBob and Patrick to get him a new head gasket for his ship. They return with Mr. Krabs, Squidward, Sandy, and a head gasket. After Lord Poltergeist sees them trying to steal his gold, he sucks Mr. Krabs, Squidward, and Patrick into a void, but Sandy rescues them.

Mr. Krabs and Lord Poltergeist fight over a bag of doubloons, but SpongeBob notices that the chest belongs to the Flying Dutchman and calls him. The Flying Dutchman's ship arrives, and Lord Poltergeist distracts the Flying Dutchman and sails away. Then the ship's engine breaks down, and it crashes. The Flying Dutchman turns himself into a missile, and destroys the ship, while pulling everyone in it in his own void.
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