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The hash-slinging slasher is the main character in a ghost story told by Squidward in the episode "Graveyard Shift."


He has a rusty spatula for a left hand and has dark red eyes and a black hunch-backed body.


"Graveyard Shift"

Squidward creates the character of the "hash-slinging slasher" in order to scare SpongeBob as a form of entertainment during their 24-hour night shift.

According to Squidward's story, the hash-slinging slasher was a former fry cook who worked at the Krusty Krab before SpongeBob and was more clumsier than him. One night, the slasher accidentally severed one of his hands by mistake while cutting Krabby Patty meat. He replaced his hand with a rusty spatula. 

Later, when he was going home, he was fatally run over by a bus and "fired" at his funeral. Out of vengeance, his ghost returns to the restaurant every Tuesday night via the bus that killed him and "gets" unsuspecting victims. However, his presence is announced by (in sequential order) flickering lights, a phone call with nobody on the sending line, and the arrival of the bus that killed him, stopping just outside the Krusty Krab.

Squidward later confesses that he fabricated the story in response to SpongeBob's almost-frenetic-and-melodramatic screams of terror. Later that night, however, it seemed that the events of his story were coming true. Eventually, it is revealed that the hash-slinging slasher, or what they thought was him, actually came to apply for a job at the Krusty Krab. He was also revealed to be the cause of the latter two "signs" signalling the hash-slinging slasher's arrival, with Nosferatu switching the lights on and off.

Shiver Me Timbers!

He had the same role as the episode.

Confessions of a Sponge

He was mentioned in this book.

Another Day, Another Sand Dollar

He is seen in the "Graveyard Shift" segment of the book, where he has the same role he has in the episode.

SpongeBob's Truth or Square

He is seen in the Rock Bottom level.

SpongeBob SquigglePants

The hash-slinging slasher appears in Squidward's stage (B-Movie) which was a prank by SpongeBob and Patrick to scare Squidward. If the player loses all of their lives, SpongeBob and Patrick reveal themselves and scare Squidward, but if the player wins, SpongeBob and Patrick fall, with Squidward looking in annoyance.

SpongeBob Freestyle Funnies 2018

He appears on the comic's cover as part of the angry crowd of villains staring at SpongeBob.


  • The hash-slinging slasher's name is often mispronounced by SpongeBob, and to a lesser extent, Squidward.
  • In the Croatian version of the show, the hash-slinging slasher's name is "Jack Konobarosjek," (roughly translated as "Jack the Waiter-Cutter") which is a parody of "Jack the Ripper" (Jack Trbosjek in Croatian).
  • In the Russian dub, the hash-slinging slasher's name is "Гарри Рубленое Мясо," which translates to "Harry Chopped Meat."
  • In the Brazilian Portuguese dub, the hash-slinging slasher's name is "Famoso Zé do Picadinho," which translates to "Famous Joe of Stew".
  • The hash-slinging slasher is a parody of famous slasher film villains such as Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street and Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th.
    • However, it can be argued that the hash-slinging slasher's primary inspiration was the hook-handed man, an urban legend about a serial killer who replaced one of his hands with a hook just as the hash-slinging slasher replaced his hand with a rusty spatula in an exact same manner.
  • In the Indonesian airing of the episode, the hash-slinging slasher was given a different origin story: After replacing his missing hand with a spatula, he suddenly lost his mind and died from a fire (hinted to be from spontaneous combustion).
  • To "sling hash" means to work at a restaurant, mainly a fast food one.


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