"Harp Ding" (alternate titles: "Harp Gliss"; "Harp Ding Sting"; "Harp Ding Gliss"; "Lap Vibe Harp"; "Question to Idea"; "Swell Idea") was composed by Nicolas Carr. It typically plays when someone gets an idea, similarly to "Harp" and "Great Idea Patrick." The instruments being played in the track are a harp and glockenspiel.


Version 1

Version 2

This version has an added Xylophone.

Hokus Pokus End Sting

This version features a high-pitched +7 version of "Harp Ding", chimes, a gong, and a high-pitched +1 version of "Lap Steel".

  • 76b. "Hocus Pocus" - Patrick gets turned into a jar of mayonnaise.
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