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Impressive meat by-product attack. Smarter than it looks. Goes well with broccoli and a nice Chianti.
      —Police Station


Ham-Mer is a robot that appears as an enemy in the video game Battle for Bikini Bottom and its remake Battle for Bikini Bottom: Rehydrated.


Ham-Mer is a large cylindrical robot with green eyes, a green mouth, and a green glowing compartment on its chest. It uses a water wheel to move around, and its right arm is a large bamboo pole with a ham on it with "Mer" written on the ham.

In the remake, Ham-Mer's glowing compartment is covered by a grate, its bamboo pole is replaced by a metal one, and its ham is now a large metal block shoddily colored to look like a ham.


  • Impressive Meat By-product Slam
  • Intelligence

Role in game

Ham-Mers are semi-common enemies in Battle for Bikini Bottom and are first seen in Jellyfish Fields. They are the second robot to be encountered by the player. Similar to the Fodder, a Ham-Mer will, upon spotting the player, wield its weapon and chase after them. Then, once the Ham-Mer is close enough to the player, it will slam the ham down in an attempt to crush the player.

The best way to avoid being slammed is to jump out of the Ham-Mer's way as it brings its ham down. Ham-Mers, despite their large size, can be defeated in one hit and are usually found alongside a large group of Fodders. They are found in Jellyfish Fields, Goo Lagoon, the Mermalair, the Kelp Forest, and the Flying Dutchman's Graveyard. Destroying a Ham-Mer will award the player 25 Shiny Objects.

A Ham-Mer is responsible for the main problem in Goo Lagoon, having stolen all the sunscreen and hiding on a far-away island. Larry the Lobster tells SpongeBob to redirect the sun reflectors on the lifeguard towers to point the sunlight at the tower on the island. After SpongeBob travels through the sea caves and across the pier, he makes it to the island and redirects the sunlight to the Ham-Mer, destroying it. After speaking to Larry again, SpongeBob will be rewarded with a golden spatula.


  • Its name is a play on the word "hammer," due to it using a ham as a hammer. The ham having "Mer" on it reinforces the pun.
  • During encounters with the Ham-Mer, SpongeBob will say "Ham...Mer. I get it!" However, if the player is playing as Patrick, Patrick will simply say "I don't get it," indicating that Patrick does not understand the play on words in the robot's name; however, he still acknowledges it as a joke.