Gutford the Snail is a fictional character who is popular among Bikini Bottom's comic readers. He is depicted as a lazy orange snail. He appears in the comics Day of the Free Comic and SpongeBob Comics No. 48.


He is an orange snail drawn with thick, black outlines. His eyes are larger than those of most snails, and he always wears a dissatisfied expression on his face. He has a light orange shell with thin brown stripes on its sides. In Day of the Free Comic, his body is light brown and the center of his shell is blank. On the cover of SpongeBob Comics No. 48, his body is yellow and his shell has a black swirl on its center.


Day of the Free Comic

SpongeBob briefly crosses through Gutford's comic strip while he chases Plankton throughout a comic book. SpongeBob tells Plankton to give him back his Krabby Patty morsel, but Plankton yells protests. Meanwhile, Gutford is completely uninterested. A thought bubble shows him thinking "Whatever."

Later, while Plankton is being chased by many comic characters who are mad at him for ruining their stories, Gutford can be seen in the crowd.

SpongeBob Comics No. 48

Gutford appears on the cover as one of many snail designs that Gary is looking at.


  • His name, appearance, and mannerisms are a parody of Garfield, a comic strip character created by Jim Davis.


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