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Not to be confused with JK.
Not to be confused with BlackJack's guard worm.

Guard worms are large, violent worms that guard various places in Bikini Bottom. They are the undersea equivalent of guard dogs.


One appears in the episode "The Lost Mattress," named JK, where it is living in the dump. When Mr. Krabs misplaces a money-filled mattress, Squidward is violently mauled by it various times.

Another appears in the episode "BlackJack" when SpongeBob's cousin, BlackJack has one guarding his front entrance.

In "Best Frenemies," one is guarding the Kelpshake store, on the night Mr. Krabs and Plankton try to steal the Kelp Shake's formula.

There are various worms who work for the Bikini Bottom Police Force. In the episode "Slide Whistle Stooges," three guard worms are supporting the police to go against Squidward, but then attack a police officer when he insults them after they go wild from the terrible whistle sounds Squidward makes.

In "Gary & Spot," a guard worm is one of Gary and Spot's friends who gets locked in the pound.

They are usually light green and have silver spiked collars. In "Gary & Spot," the guard worm is light blue.


  • Their spiked collar represent the ones that dangerous dogs normally wear.
  • In the episode "BlackJack," the guard worm's eyes are red, unlike every other appearance of guard worms.
  • The guard worm in "Toy Store of Doom" is not mean or violent, unlike worms from all other episodes.
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