This is the page about the music track titled “Great Idea Patrick”. For other uses, see Patrick (disambiguation).

"Great Idea Patrick" (alternate titles: "Another Big New Idea," "Another Brilliant New Idea," "Another Fine Idea," "Bells and Harps," "But I Have an Idea," "Cleaning Time," "Eureka Moment," "Good Idea," "Harp Gliss and Bell," "Hgliss and Bell," "Hi Gliss and Bell," "Hey Harp Ding," "I Have an Idea," and "Pizza Sting.") was composed by Nicolas Carr. It typically plays when someone gets an idea, similarly to Harp! and Harp Ding. The instruments being played in the track are a harp and a glockenspiel. There is an version with an additional bell tree named "Got It".


Great Idea Patrick

Got It


  • With 179 usages, this is is the third most-used track in the series. Only Lap Steel and Vibe Q Sting were used more.
  • This track was used in the Camp Lazlo episode "Penny for Your Dung." This was possible because Nick Carr was also the music editor of Camp Lazlo.
  • The harp in this track is from the "Celtic Instruments" sample set on Big Fish Audio.
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