Great Grandpa Krabs is Eugene H. Krabs and his unnamed sister’s great-grandfather who appears in the episode "Senior Discount."


He is a very elderly crab, being between the ages of 120 or 160 years old, with light-pink skin and the same clothes as his great-grandson Eugene. His right eye has a white pupil, and he has to use a wheelchair to move around.


He was born to a crab now known as Great Great Grandpa Krabs and an unknown Mrs. Krabs.

He and his wife had a son Redbeard Krabs and possibly a daughter Sally.

Role in episode

He is one the various relatives that Mr. Krabs summons to fight against Old Man Jenkins and his family.

Great-Grandpa is shown to be very senile and is confused as to where he is, and Mr. Krabs tries to get him to make his annoying customer leave, but it doesn't work since Jenkins brings out his great grandfather who is older.


  • He wasn't shown to be a pirate, unlike his son. It is possible that he was a pirate before, but later retired.
  • His wheelchair is similar with the one of Mary's mother.



  • He is currently the oldest living member of Mr. Krabs’ family.
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