Great Grandma is the first comic strip in the SpongeBob Comics No. 12.



Grandma SquarePants calls SpongeBob and asks him to visit her and to bring one of his friends along. SpongeBob was going to invite Patrick, but he is not available. He asks Squidward to come along with him and at first, Squidward slams the door right away but SpongeBob begs Squidward saying he will do anything for him if he comes along with him. SpongeBob and Squidward make a deal that if Squidward comes, SpongeBob has to leave Squidward alone for a month, and pretend he does not exist. He also says that the visit will be no longer than three minutes, and he will not eat anything his grandmother cooks and have her not play her "corny" music.

When Squidward comes into Grandma's house, she puts on clarinet music, to Squidward's delight. After that, Grandma shows Squidward on how to make a certain meal called "coral quiche with seaweed butter." He seems interested and claims he has tried making those for years. Grandma and Squidward then start dancing with each other and Squidward then says "this is the most fun visit in the history of visits."

The next day, Squidward wants to go to SpongeBob's grandmothers' house again, but the rule was that one can only come in if they are invited. Squidward proceeds to go to SpongeBob's house and ask him to take him to his grandmother's house, but SpongeBob ignores Squidward and pretends he does not exist, as it was part of their deal earlier. SpongeBob avoids Squidward, but Squidward is trying to get SpongeBob's attention and convincing him that the deal is canceled. SpongeBob proceeds to ignore him for the rest of the comic and pretend he doesn't exist, per what Squidward said earlier in the comic.

Not caring about Grandma's rule, Squidward drags himself to her house and rings the doorbell. When she answers, Squidward screams and faints. Grandma's head is fluffy, like that of a real sea sponge.


SpongeBob Comics No. 12 (VE)

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