"Grass Skirts Blowing" also known as "Hilo March" was composed by The Hawaiian Serenaders in 1969. The main instruments being played in the piece include steel guitars, a ukulele, a bass guitar, bongos, congas, a tambourine, a vibraphone, and a xylophone. It is mainly used for title card or ending music. It's also another version of Old Hilo March.





  • Out of its 25 usages, 15 are in season 1 episodes.
    • Four of the usages are from season 2 episodes, three of the usages are from season 3, two of the usages are from season 4, and one of them is from a short.
  • In the Dennis Music or CTM Music website, a different track is played in the album called "Green Grass of Hawaii," however in the TRF Music website, before it got updated, the actual track plays in the album.
  • Old Hilo March is a cover version of this track.
  • This track was a cover version of The Aloha Hawaiians version.
  • This track was never used as a APM track, but it was used as a TRF Track. SpongeBob used to have rights to add TRF Music in the show until 2008. Dennis Music right now is no longer TRF, and joined with CTM Music and Current Music.

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