Granny's house is the residence of Granny as well as the former residence of Gary the Snail and Miss Tuffsy before the latter's disappearance and the former returning to Bikini Bottom. It appears in the episode "Have You Seen This Snail?" and the book Where's Gary?



It is a small yellow house with a brown roof. The garage is made of wood and there is a red heart-shaped rug in front of the front door. Also, it has a white fence and some greenery.


To the right of the front door is the living room, which has a green couch and a TV in front of it. There is a green sofa chair and green carpet followed by pinkish plaid walls. There is also a lamp above the chair and a shell-shaped record player to the left of it. There is also a window with a green curtain. Granny is in the living room dancing with Gary after feeding him cookies. There are several pictures hung on the walls.

There is a kitchen with pale yellow wallpaper with small green pineapples. There is a clam-shaped chandelier above the brown circular table. The counters and bottom pantries are sky-blue. On the left to the table is the sink, a window with purple curtains, a painting in a circular portrait, a small mint-green cabinet with tiny glass cups, a flower pot, and four decorations on a wooden plank display stand.

One of the bedrooms in the house has a crib and toys, where Gary sleeps after being taken in. It also has paintings, a dresser, and a pink lamp beside the crib. The walls of the room have a blue design, and the lights are turned out by clapping.

There is a closet full of many detached snail shells of Granny's former pet snails, which makes Gary realize his fate.

The Living Room Granny's House

The living room

Role in episode

Granny takes Gary into her house, believing that he is one of her missing snails, Miss Tuffsy. Gary likes it there and decides to stay until he realizes his ultimate fate is to be overfed and eventually die like Granny's previous snails, which makes Gary realize he should return to SpongeBob.
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