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"Goofy Scoopers" is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season 13. In this episode, SpongeBob and Patrick make it their mission to reunite the recently fired robot band from Goofy Goober's.



The episode starts at Goofy Goober's Ice Cream Party Boat with SpongeBob and Patrick yelling for a Triple Gooberberry Sunrise. The manager then gives them the ice cream, but then the show starts and SpongeBob spills it and then Patrick eats it off his head. An announcer introduces the Goofy Scoopers, and SpongeBob and Patrick cheer for their appearance. They play the Goober Rag, with all the kids falling asleep and plugging their ears. The manager then tells SpongeBob and Patrick to leave. They get kicked out and want to go backstage for an autograph, with Patrick showing off his autographs on the back of his head.

The next morning, the manager tells SpongeBob and Patrick that the Goofy Scoopers are over, and they are replaced by DJ 2 Scoopz. The two protest as the kids dance with DJ 2 Scoopz. As Patrick dances to the music, SpongeBob gets angry at him for giving in to the subjective "womp-womps" and "wub-wubs." They then cry due to the fact the Scoopers were tossed in the trash and the two are kicked out again. SpongeBob then tells Patrick his plan to get the Scoopers back together. They disguise themselves as garbage cans and hijack the garbageman's truck. They crash into the dump and look for clues. They are noticed by the owner who then tells them a robot was going to the circus. They leave, while the owner chases Filthy Muck, who is seen in the background.

At the circus, SpongeBob and Patrick find Clem Clam, and they plead for him to join them. He agrees, stating he is terrified of clowns. SpongeBob and Patrick then go to the massage place and find Bongos Bear, claiming they are husband and wife. Bongos gives them a massage, while they state afterwards that they are still looking for Rock T. Puss and Bongos tells them that he works on the bridge to Shell City. At the bridge, Rock T. Puss tells SpongeBob and Patrick that he is done with music, and the only applause he needs is the honking of the boats. He refuses and tells them to leave.

At Goofy Goober's, the two tell the robots they will play with them instead of Rock T. Puss. They perform Brain Freeze, with the kids booing them afterwards. Rock T. Puss comes back, stating he loved to support that bridge, but he was actually built to play music. They start to perform, with the kids hating it even more. DJ 2 Scoopz arrives, and they play the Goober Rag Remix, with everyone dancing along. An end card is seen on Patrick's head, as the episode fades to a full black background.

Running gags


The episode was confirmed by Nickelodeon's schedule on July 1, 2021.[1]



 ) Production music
 ) Original music
 ) SpongeBob music

  Hawaii Hawaii - Lionel Wendling, Lisa Doby [Title card.]
  Hot 7 A - Paul Lenart, Bill Novick [Opening.]
  Drum Rolls (D) - Dick Walter ["Attention, children of all ages..."]
  Ta-ra A - Sammy Burdson, John Fiddy [Goofy Scoopers introduced.]
  Goober Rag - Ego Plum, Andrew Goodman [Rock T. Puss sings.]
  Tomfoolery - David Snell ["Alright, boys, time to go."]
  Tales From The Swamp (B) - Ron Goodwin ["Good morning!"]
  A Jolly Jaunt (c) - Dick Walter [SpongeBob and Patrick in sleeping bags.]
  Slip 'n Slide - Stephen Bulla, Jeff Kidwell [Manager tells SpongeBob and Patrick the Goofy Scoopers were replaced.]
  Ta-ra A - Sammy Burdson, John Fiddy [DJ 2 Scoopz introduced.]
  ? [DJ 2 Scoop's song.]
  Vibraphone, "I've Been Hypnotized!" - Sound Ideas [SpongeBob asks where the Goofy Scoopers are playing.]
  Drama Link (O) - Hubert Clifford ["Wait a minute, Patrick, I have a plan."]
  Domestic Fun (A) - Ernest Tomlinson ["We are gonna get the Goofy Scoopers back together, for a reunion show."]
  Tricks and Traps - James McConnel [Garbage truck arrives.]
  SpongeBob Theme II - Nicolas Carr, Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield [SpongeBob and Patrick hijack the garbage truck.]
  At The Zoo - Gerhard Trede [SpongeBob and Patrick searching through the dump.]
  Wien Bleibt Wien - Andrew Pilmer [At the circus.]
  Drama Link (O) - Hubert Clifford [SpongeBob and Patrick beg to Clem Clam.]
  Five-to-Four On - David Lee [Clem Clam agrees to join them.]
  Mr. Swashbuckle - James McConnel ["Well that's great, Mr. Clem Clam!"]
  Tales From The Swamp (B) - Ron Goodwin [Clown pops a balloon to scare Clem Clam.]
  Cristallisation - Vladimir Cosma [At the massage parlor.]
  ? [Bongos Bear plays on SpongeBob and Patrick.]
  Mr. Swashbuckle - James McConnel ["Well, you're in luck!"]
  Slip 'n Slide - Stephen Bulla, Jeff Kidwell [SpongeBob and Patrick looking for Rock T. Puss.]
  Hawaiian Breeze - Jon Jelmer ["Yeah, right. No one remembers my music."]
  Hot 7 A - Paul Lenart, Bill Novick [At Goofy Goober's.]
  Brain Freeze - Ego Plum, Andrew Goodman [Patrick sings a hard rock song.]
  Steel Licks 10 - Jeremy Wakefield [Children boo and throw tomatoes.]
  Mr. Swashbuckle - James McConnel [Rock T. Puss appears.]
  Steel Licks 7 - Jeremy Wakefield [Bridge collapses.]
  Goober Rag - Ego Plum, Andrew Goodman [SpongeBob and Patrick dance.]
  Goober Rag Remix - Ego Plum, Andrew Goodman [Ending song.]
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Cultural references

  • The Goofy Scoopers were based on the famous animatronic band The Rock-afire Explosion.
  • The first time he asks SpongeBob and Patrick to leave, the manager recites a lyric from the Semisonic song "Closing Time": "Closing time, you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here."


  • SpongeBob's right eye is misplaced before he sees Patrick dancing to the new band.
  • When the Goofy Scoopers perform the Goober Rag, Patrick flings his pants at Rock T. Puss's head. The next time Patrick appears, he is wearing his pants again.