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"Goodbye, Krabby Patty?" is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season 9. In this episode, SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs seek business advice from an ad executive in Mr. Krabs’ endeavor to launch a line of frozen Krabby Patties.



Act 1

In the beginning of the episode, SpongeBob and Patrick are having a fun day throughout Bikini Bottom when they decide to go to Barg'N-Mart to buy their favorite ice cream, Rocky Road. Mr. Krabs then walks by and grabs a box full of frozen food called Lonely Krab, at which he marvels because of its convenience. SpongeBob sees this and gets the idea to sell frozen Krabby Patties, speculating that people will love them because of how convenient they are. Mr. Krabs hears this and decides to carry out with this idea that he humorously claims to have had, before SpongeBob said it.

Mr. Krabs, along with the help of SpongeBob and his daughter Pearl, create their own well-intentioned, albeit cheaply made, advertisement for the Frozen Krabby Patty, which he presents to the businessman, Don Grouper, who is not particularly impressed with their "commercial." Being mindful of the immense potential that this idea has, he decides to help Mr. Krabs create an ad campaign to promote the Frozen Krabby Patties. Grouper hypothesizes that in order to create a successful ad, they would need someone who could represent the target audience for this new product, which would make the commercial itself more relatable and therefore memorable.

Don Grouper discusses the first frozen Krabby Patty commercial.

The new face of Frozen Krabby Patties ends up being Patrick Star. After the first commercial airs, Grouper soon tells Mr. Krabs that he is bound to make a lot of money, but he will make even more if he changes the recipe and adds some "filler," much to SpongeBob's dismay. He then gives Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob a tour of the factory where these new patties are made. While touring, SpongeBob notices the workers using sand in the recipe for the patties, which Mr. Krabs tells him to ignore. Meanwhile, Mr. Krabs gets his first revenue check for the Frozen Krabby Patties, which puts him in a state of bliss. The new patties are a monstrous success, and everyone seems to be enjoying them, despite some noticeable side effects.

Mr. Krabs prepares for the museum.

Mr. Krabs fires SpongeBob from his fry cook job and immediately rehires him to work in the Krusty Krab Museum, which documents the complete history of the Krusty Krab, complete with animatronic versions of the employees, and merchandise, which includes the Frozen Krabby Patties themselves. Mr. Krabs decides to celebrate his new fortune by eating one, but by the look on his face, the new patty seems to taste disgusting. However, Mr. Krabs is in denial because of how well everything is going, so he decides to grin and bear it. Squidward is then fired by Mr. Krabs, but unlike SpongeBob, he does not get a job at the museum. Squidward takes solace in the fact that he can finally live out his dreams of becoming a ballet dancer, playing clarinet in the orchestra, and writing a mystery-thriller novel. SpongeBob is noticeably disheartened, but he decides to make the best of this situation, while Mr. Krabs swims in a pool of coins.

Act 2

SpongeBob tries to talk to a despondent Patrick.

Patrick becomes a major celebrity due to the success of the new commercials, but because of this, his friendship with SpongeBob seems to be slowly fading and both best friends even have less time to hang out with each other. The next day, SpongeBob visits Patrick in his lavish new home but is ridiculed by the snooty celebrities, executives, and other elite individuals who are associating themselves with him while Patrick tries to protest. SpongeBob tries to have some fun with his friend, but Patrick is pulled away for an important photo shoot, looking as sad as SpongeBob. Also, Patrick's 400th commercial is coming up soon, which makes everyone else very excited.

SpongeBob dejectedly heads back to the museum, where he surprisingly finds Squidward, who was not successful in his quest to make his dreams come true due to being under-qualified, and asks for a job at the museum. SpongeBob says how Squidward could help out with the animatronic Squidward because he notices something about him is off due to his friendlier attitude, so Squidward decides to replace it with himself acting like a robot, he takes back his hat and destroys robot (by simply pushing him to the ground).

SpongeBob realizes the patty is made of sand.

Later on, Plankton comes by and tries to take the formula, but he is confused when the bored SpongeBob does not do anything to stop him. SpongeBob tells him that there is no point in stopping him because all the formulas in the restaurant are blank souvenirs. Plankton then asks for a Frozen Krabby Patty, which SpongeBob obliges to. Plankton then runs off with the frozen patty. Squidward asks SpongeBob if they should chase Plankton because he did not pay. SpongeBob tells Squidward that the patties are not the same as before, and by eating one, he discovers that they are made of sand, which was the "filler" that SpongeBob heard about before from Don Grouper.

Filled with an overwhelming sense of determination, SpongeBob reads the real secret formula and cooks up a fresh one, and then runs over to Patrick. Patrick notices him, and they start running towards each other, with SpongeBob yelling to him that the new Frozen Krabby Patties are made of sand. Patrick does not hear him at first until SpongeBob uses the phone to tell him that and he says he thought he recognized the taste. Both best friends bump into each other, they happily say that they miss each other SpongeBob then gives Patrick the one he just cooked, which rekindles his love for the sandwich. Patrick says he has a shareholders meeting in a few hours and does not know how he will be able to talk positively about the new Krabby Patties now that he knows they are filled with sand. SpongeBob tells Patrick that he has to listen to his heart, as well as his stomach.

At the shareholders meeting, Grouper and Mr. Krabs are proud that the Frozen Krabby Patty ad campaign has been such a success, and are about to unveil their long-awaited, 400th commercial. But first, Patrick is called to make an opening speech, since he is the official mascot of the frozen sandwich. After a bit of inner conflict, Patrick reveals that the patties are made of sand, which exposes Don Grouper as a fraud. Soon, everyone in the audience begins to violently vomit up sand, as well as everyone else in Bikini Bottom once the news is revealed to them.

The depressed Mr. Krabs wanders over to the Krusty Krab, where he is confused when he sees that it is filled with customers. He goes into the kitchen and sees SpongeBob and Patrick cooking the patties. Mr. Krabs asks why everyone is eating the patties when they know they are made of sand. SpongeBob confirms this fact, but says the ones they are eating now are the fresh, homemade patties that they love. Mr. Krabs asks SpongeBob how much him and Patrick are charging for the patties, which turns out to be nothing at all. Mr. Krabs then makes a deal with SpongeBob that he can be their boss again and charge actual money for the patties. SpongeBob happily agrees.

Everything goes back to normal, and Mr. Krabs can continue running the Krusty Krab with a newfound appreciation for tradition and the importance of quality food made with love, as the episode ends.

Running gags

  • SpongeBob being called and mistaken for a "Yellow Box."
  • Mr. Krabs fainting in Don Grouper's arms.
  • Customers vomiting sand from the Frozen Krabby Patties.


Press art, featuring from left to right: Don Grouper, SpongeBob, Patrick and Mr. Krabs.

Vincent Waller confirmed the episode on Twitter on October 9, 2015.[2] The episode was originally scheduled to be released in the summer of 2016,[3][4] but was pushed back to the winter season.[5][6] Vincent had also confirmed the episode would be of a 22-minute duration, a double-length episode.[7][8]




 ) Production music
 ) Original music
 ) SpongeBob music

  Cheap and Frozen Jig 2 - Michael Bolger, Nicolas Carr, Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield [Title card]
  Earl's Revenge - Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield [The opening.]
  Man About Town - Laurie Johnson [SpongeBob and Patrick at Barg N' Mart.]
  Alp Horn Yodeler Guy - Nicolas Carr [Mountain climber yodels.]
  Man About Town - Laurie Johnson [SpongeBob and Patrick choosing an ice cream inside the freezer.]
  Birth of the Krabby Patty - Nicolas Carr [Mr. Krabs' eyes explode.]
  Riverboat Rumpas - Nicolas Carr, Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield [Commercial for frozen Krabby Patties.]
  Drinks Party - Marc Andre Dall'Anese [Don Grouper introduced.]
  Buying Spree - William Loose [Don Grouper's slogans.]
  Hot Steel and Slide Licks 4 - Jeremy Wakefield ["Oh, oh, oh! I have a slogan!"/Everyone deny SpongeBob's slogan.]
  Drinks Party - Marc Andre Dall'Anese [Don Grouper needs someone to advertise the frozen Krabby Patties.]
  Box Office [#81] - Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin ["And I've got the perfect guy for the job!"]
  Groovy Baby - Ib Glindemann [Patrick's commercial of Frozen Krabby Patties.]
  Cocktail - Johnny Patrick ["This guy is gonna be a star!"]
  Hot Steel and Slide Licks 9A - Jeremy Wakefield [SpongeBob is discouraged.]
  Flextone Sting - Nicolas Carr ["I do declare, Mr. Grouper..."]
  Ahhh Luve - Nicolas Carr ["I do declare, Mr. Grouper..."]
  Solo Harp [#60.06] - Harry Bluestone ["...I believe I have a case of the vapors!"]
  Sloopy - Syd Dale [Don suggests changing the Krabby Patty formula.]
  Hot Steel and Slide Licks 1A - Jeremy Wakefield ["Mr. Krabs, are you changing the secret Krabby Patty formula?"]
  Vibe Q Sting - Nicolas Carr ["But what is filler?"]
  Island Bar [#20] - Harry Bluestone ["What do you say we go see where the money is made?"]
  Skyline - Anthony Mawer [SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs visit The Krusty Factory.]
  Tympup C - Sammy Burdson, John Fiddy [Side effect.]
  Skyline - Anthony Mawer [Krabs gets his first check.]
  Glissando (h) - Richard Myhill, Skaila Kanga ["I'm rich, boy-o. Rich."]
  Hot Steel and Slide Licks 25B - Jeremy Wakefield ["Yes, we can."]
  Silly Bob Conversation 2 - Nicolas Carr, Barry Anthony [Construction workers at the Krusty Krab.]
  Fates [#62] - Gregor F. Narholz ["Fired?"]
  Over the Waves - Andrew Pilmer [Krusty Krab Museum.]
  Sailors Hornpipe - Brian Peters [Customers enter at the museum.]
  Gorgeous Girl - Kurt Schick [Montage of Krabs' success.]
  Island Bar [#19] - Harry Bluestone [Patrick's new mansion.]
  Pizzicato Rockalong - Johnny Hawksworth [SpongeBob on the elevator.]
  Lounge O Rama - Billy Lincoln, Michael Gurley [SpongeBob arrives at Patrick's party.]
  Alp Horn Yodeler Guy - Nicolas Carr [Mountain climber yodels.]
  Hot Steel and Slide Licks 6B - Jeremy Wakefield [SpongeBob sadly leaves Patrick's mansion.]
  Another Tragic Tale Of Woe - Michael Bolger, Nicolas Carr [Squidward is back at the Krusty Krab Museum.]
  Hot Steel and Slide Licks 5C - Jeremy Wakefield [Squidward stands behind the register.]
  Lopey Sailor's Jig - Michael Bolger, Nicolas Carr [Patrick rehearsing his 400th commercial.]
  Breezing Around - Edward White ["Excuse me, yellow box, Mr. Star is not to be disturbed."]
  Bobmatisme - Achille Alberto Scotti [Filming the 400th commercial.]
  Breezing Around - Edward White [Patrick signing contract.]
  Oh My Neptune! - Nicolas Carr [Crew member eats a Frozen Krabby Patty.]
  Tympup A - Sammy Burdson, John Fiddy [Crew member's butt gets bigger.]
  Hot Steel and Slide Licks 17B - Jeremy Wakefield ["Looks like you've been hitting the patties pretty hard there."]
  Hot Steel and Slide Licks 19 - Jeremy Wakefield ["Speak for yourself!"]
  Hot Steel and Slide Licks 9C - Jeremy Wakefield ["I miss the old Krusty Krab. I miss Patrick."]
  Man About Town - Stuart Crombie [Patrick leaves for eyeball waxing.]
  Terror by Night - Hubert Clifford ["Finally, now is my chance to strike!"/Plankton takes the secret formula.]
  Humorous Conversation - Nicolas Carr, Barry Anthony ["That'll be $1.99, please."]
  Tales from the Swamp (c) - Ron Goodwin ["Ha ha! Yes! You fools!"]
  Over the Waves - Andrew Pilmer ["Shouldn't we chase after him?"]
  Tension Bits - Nicolas Carr, Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield [SpongeBob spits out a bunch of sand.]
  Over the Waves - Andrew Pilmer ["Not good sand, either."]
  Achievements in Aviation - Anthony Mawer ["Krabby Patties aren't made with sand, they're made with love!"]
  A Pirate's Life for Me (a) - Ron Goodwin [SpongeBob goes into the kitchen.]
  ? - Nicolas Carr [Real secret formula is shown.]
  Unknown Track 115 - Nicolas Carr [SpongeBob reads the formula]
  A Pirate's Life for Me (a) - Ron Goodwin ["I am going to show the world what a fresh, not frozen Krabby Patty tastes like!"]
  Fun at the Seaside - Syd Dale [Patrick meeting with the press.]
  Hot Steel and Slide Licks 7B - Jeremy Wakefield ["I can't take it anymore! Everybody out!"]
  Aloha Lui Lui - Nicolas Carr, Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield ["I wish things could go back to the way they were."]
  Birth of the Krabby Patty - Nicolas Carr ["Freshly grilled Krabby Patty, you and I are going to save the world!"]
  Tale of Love - Harry Lubin ["Patrick!/SpongeBob!"]
  Epic Romance - David Morse ["I thought they tasted familiar!"]
  Mystery Chime - Nicolas Carr ["I got something for ya."]
  Credit Card Heaven - Nicolas Carr [Shot of Krabby Patty.]
  Pride and Majesty - Harry Lubin ["Now that's a real Krabby Patty!"]
  Mystery Chime - Nicolas Carr [SpongeBob wipes the sand off his face.]
  Hot Steel and Slide Licks 7A - Jeremy Wakefield ["Well Patrick, you're just gonna have to listen to your heart."]
  Beach Ball - Heinz Kretzschmar [At the shareholder meeting.]
  Showbiz Entrance [#65.03] - Harry Bluestone [Patrick comes on stage.]
  Unease - Dick Stephen Walter ["Frozen Krabby Patties are..."]
  Death of the Alien 2 [#40] - Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin [Everybody gasp.]
  Bikini Bottom News Theme - Nicolas Carr [News on TV.]
  House Of Horror - William Merrick Farran [People puking up sand.]
  Another Tragic Tale Of Woe - Michael Bolger, Nicolas Carr ["Well, it's gone."]
  Vibe Q Sting - Nicolas Carr ["What?"]
  Mr Krabs Happy Jig - Michael Bolger, Nicolas Carr [Krabs sees customers eating Krabby Patties at the Krusty Krab.]
  Another Krusty Krab Day - Michael Bolger, Nicolas Carr ["Well, Patrick helped."]
  Majic Chimes - Nicolas Carr ["Go on, have a bite."]
  The Oracle - David Farnon [Choir.]
  Dream Date - Emil Cadkin, William Loose, Phil Green ["Oh, the flavor!"]
  Nude Sting - Nicolas Carr [Krabs shakes his head.]
  Jolly Little Roger - Michael Bolger, Nicolas Carr [The ending]




  • This episode's production number marks the 200th episode in the series.
  • This is the only season 9 episode to premiere in 2017.
  • A clip from this episode can be seen in an ad for Fubo TV.
  • The 400th Krusty Krab commercial is a reference to this episode's number as a segment, in the entire series.
    • However, due to other specials and other TV movies, despite being the two-hundredth episode block, it is actually the 381st episode. The actual 400th episode segment is "Life Insurance."

Now TV lists this episode under its original title.

  • This episode was originally titled "Factory Fresh."[9][10] The episode was also originally called "Goodbye Krusty Krab."[11] This title change was for marketing purposes.[12]
    • This episode is available on the UK streaming service Now TV under its original title, "Factory Fresh."
  • There is a book and DVD called Factory Fresh! that is based on this episode. They retain the original title of this episode.
    • The book was released one month before this episode premiered, however.
  • This was the first special to premiere after the release of The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water.
  • There are 22 Krabby Patties on the title card.
  • There was a marathon of Krabby Patty-themed episodes on February 18, 2017 and February 19, 2017, called "Krabby Patty Party," in honor of this episode. The marathon included never-before-seen shorts based on this episode.
    • There was also an international version called "The Golden Krabby Patty Spectacular" as part of the year-long event "SpongeBob Gold."
  • Incidental 115 can be seen spitting out the palm trees of Bikini Atoll, the island above Bikini Bottom.
  • Patrick saying the sandy contents of the frozen Krabby Patties tasted familiar is a nod to the fact that the inside of his house is majorly composed of sand, including the food in his refrigerator as seen in "Growth Spout."
  • In the Croatian dub, this episode's title is "Vidimo se, Rakburgeru!," which translates to "See you, Krabby Patty!"
  • The date on Mr. Krabs' check is January 28, 2016, which means this episode takes place between late 2015 or early 2016 to 2017. This was when this episode was produced.
  • Excluding the two zeroes that represent the decimal place, there are 32 zeroes on Mr. Krabs' check with number one at the start, meaning he is paid 100 nonillion dollars for his Frozen Krabby Patties business.
  • This was the most-viewed episode in the United States in 2017, with over 2,670,000 viewers.
  • Squidward mentions that he has been working at the Krusty Krab for 17 years, a reference to the fact that SpongeBob SquarePants premiered in 1999, thus breaking the fourth wall.
  • This is the eighth episode to have a question mark in its title, the previous ones being "Christmas Who?," "Can You Spare a Dime?," "Have You Seen This Snail?," "What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?," "Hide and Then What Happens?," "Are You Happy Now?," and "What's Eating Patrick?"
  • This is the only double length episode to play any of the "Glissando" tracks.
  • This episode is somewhat similar to "Selling Out," as both episodes involve customers enjoying a new Krabby Patty variation only to discover that they have an effective filler ingredient.
  • This is the first episode where a smartphone is seen.
  • This is the third and last double-length of season 9. The first is "It Came from Goo Lagoon" and the second is "SpongeBob You're Fired."
  • This is the fourth episode where Mr. Krabs fires SpongeBob from his job. The previous ones are "Karate Choppers," "Squid on Strike," and "SpongeBob You're Fired."
  • SpongeBob reads the Krabby Patty secret formula, but its backside was turned to the camera and the front was never shown.

Cultural references


The Chum Bucket missing.

  • The boxes of Lonely Krab TV dinners are incorrectly placed in the ice cream section.
  • The sign at the factory reads "Day without an accident." However, when the number changes from 1 to 0, it does not change to "Days without an accident," creating a grammar error.
  • When the Krusty Krab Museum is first established, the Plankton robot says "Ow. Curses. Foiled again." Later, he only says "Curses. Foiled again."
  • When Mr. Krabs shows SpongeBob the Krusty Krab Museum, the Chum Bucket across the street is missing.
  • The robot Mr. Krabs moves his body at the beginning. Later, only his arms move.
  • The Squidward robot changes positions throughout the episode.
  • After SpongeBob gives his idea about frozen Krabby Patties to Mr. Krabs, his tie is white for the rest of the scene.