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Good Ideas... and Other Disasters is a SpongeBob SquarePants book written by Rebecca McCarthy and published by Simon Spotlight/Nickelodeon on February 24, 2009.



"Who knew doing good could turn out so bad? SpongeBob offers a generous collection of laughs in this hilarious new joke book! Good is bursting out all over Bikini Bottom . . . thanks to SpongeBob! Who knew that SpongeBob's idea of doing something nice for Mrs. Puff could turn out so wrong—and yet turn everyone into do-gooders? SpongeBob's deed ended up with Mrs. Puff going to the hospital (twice), which led to Mr. Krabs's run-in with angry parents . . . and so on. Even Gary weighed in on all the goodhearted action! SpongeBob fans will be inspired to laugh--and lend a hand as well!"


After SpongeBob fails his driving test, he decides to cheer up Mrs. Puff by taking her to a square dance. At the square dance, SpongeBob screws up while dancing and causes a person to go through a wall. SpongeBob was told by the police man that he is no longer allowed to square dance.

Mrs. Puff decides to take Mr. Krabs out on a picnic because of the deed SpongeBob tried to do. On the picnic, she brings homemade seaweed pie. Once she tells him about the pie, Mr. Krabs says he is allergic to it. At the hospital, he has to pay a hospital bill.

After the good deed from Mrs. Puff, Mr. Krabs decides to do a good deed. Pearl ran in, crying because she has to babysit kids and there's a dance at the same time. Mr. Krabs decides to babysit for her while she's at the dance. At the house, they had 26 kids. The kids did bad things like swallowing crayons, screaming, and painting the rug. At bed time, Mr. Krabs tells them a bedtime story about Davy Jones. The kids started crying and when the parents came home, they sent him home with no pay.

Pearl liked the good deed her dad did for her, so she decided to do a good deed herself. For her good deed, she decides to get Squidward a pet worm from the shelter. Pearl went to the mall and when she came back, Squidward was not happy because the worm ate all the food. Squidward decides to play his clarinet and the worm started dancing, then Squidward liked it.


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