Goo Lagoon Pier is a location that first appears in the video game Revenge of the Flying Dutchman. It is located in Goo Lagoon and can be accessed by going through the sea caves. It makes another appearance in Battle for Bikini Bottom and a third appearance in The Yellow Avenger.

Role in series

Battle for Bikini Bottom

In this game, Mr. Krabs can be seen running a carnival on Goo Lagoon Pier but had to close it down due to a robot taking over his ticket booth. Mr. Krabs then asks Patrick to help him out and promises to give him a reward if he does. Patrick must first take the nearby throw fruit and throw it at the ticket booth destroying both it and the robot. This causes a chain reaction including the Ferris wheel falling into the water, allowing access to the east side.

Patrick can then take out the Duplicatotron and continue forward to find a Wack-a-Tiki game. Patrick can destroy all of them for a reward: a sock. Another sidequest can be done where SpongeBob can use his Bubble Bowl technique to play skeeball and earn some more shiny objects. Another sock can be earned by destroying a Duplicatotron with a throw fruit but the player must be careful of the slippery platform and the Fodders around. Eventually, Patrick makes it to the bumper boats where he must defeat all of the robots around to clear it. Patrick can then report back to Mr. Krabs who gives him a golden spatula as a reward.

The Yellow Avenger

It appears again, but as an area to defeat Man Ray in.
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