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Gone Jellyfishin is a SpongeBob SquarePants Cine-Manga book that contains four episodes that were transcribed into manga form. It was published by Tokyopop on February 8, 2005. There are 96 pages in total.



In the middle of a jellyfishing outing, SpongeBob spies on a giant clam that is attacking his friend Sandy-can he save her? Meanwhile, Squidward seeks revenge on a jellyfish that's stung him, only to meet an even greater foe-the jellyfish's mom! Later, as Mr. Krabs' Jelly Krabby Patties become a fish fave, will the demand lead to a deep-sea wipeout of the jellyfish population? Finally, when SpongeBob decides to keep a stray jellyfish as a pet, he has no idea just how wild things are going to get!



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