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La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la!
— Gold-throated singer

The gold-throated singer is a rare type of jellyfish that appears in the episode "The Pink Purloiner" and the Roblox experience SpongeBob Simulator. It, along with many other rare and exotic jellyfish, appears in Jellyfish Fields during Bikini Bottom's annual jellyfish migration.


It is yellow, has four light red spots, and a mouth with a purple tongue. It also has five stingers, with the middle one having an arrowhead-like barb at the tip like a tail. It sings in an operatic voice and cannot sting. Its speed is based upon the pitch at which it is singing.


Once a year, it migrates to Jellyfish Fields, along with a bunch of other rare jellyfish.

Role in episode[]

While SpongeBob and Patrick are at the jellyfish migration, they spot the gold-throated singer.

Role in SpongeBob Simulator[]

It appears as a buddy from the Weird Super Buddies Clam.