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Glue is an arts-and-crafts product that first appears in the episode "Squirrel Jokes."


In "Squirrel Jokes," it is a tan color and comes in a silver bucket. In other episodes it comes in a white bottle with an orange cap dispenser, typically with a square dark label on the front that reads the product's name in white letters.

Role in series

"Squirrel Jokes"

Sandy uses this to stick SpongeBob onto the log he sat on.

"I Had an Accident"

When SpongeBob is at the hospital, the doctor says they ran out of staples so they had to use glue to put his bones back together.

"Picture Day"

It is one of the things from a truck that spills all over SpongeBob because of the beam of light SpongeBob was reflecting with the Spongegloss on his body.

"Squid's Visit"

When Patrick is over at SpongeBob's house, he uses glue to put a bunch of puzzle pieces together.

"Stuck in the Wringer"

Patrick uses his Forever Glue to free SpongeBob from his bathroom wringer, but this only causes him to become more stuck and sets up the conflict between the friends.

"Enchanted Tiki Dreams"

When Squidward's tiki world gets burned into ashes accidentally by Patrick, the latter acknowledges that he and SpongeBob should have used glue instead of earwax.

"The Googly Artiste"

Patrick uses glue to make the googly eyes stick onto the rock to make his work of art.

"Barnacle Face"

SpongeBob uses the Forever Glue to glue the diamonds to Pearl's face.


Patrick glues two straws to his eyes while disguising himself as a snail.

"Patrick! The Game"

Patrick uses glue while he is creating his game.

"Stuck on the Roof"

SpongeBob uses glue to make a bed on the roof of the Krusty Krab.

"Krusty Kleaners"

Patrick uses a bottle of glue in an attempt to fix SpongeBob again.

"Surf N' Turf"

Sandy uses it on one of her ship-in-a-bottles.

"Separation Anxiety"

Patrick uses glue to stick on the surfboard while he is surfing and not fall off.

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

The Cyclops glues on googly eyes on Alexander Clam Bell using Elmer's Glue.

"Shell Games"

Patrick glues himself to Tony's shell.
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