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The Glove World! officers are characters who appear in the episode "Escape from Beneath Glove World."


They are three fish dressed in police officer uniforms. Their uniforms consist of a white shirt with a glove symbol on the left side, dark gray pants, belts with gold buckles, sunglasses, black shoes, and police hats with a glove symbol on the front. One of them is a tall light purple fish with a cyan dorsal fin, another one is a short olive green fish with a dark blue dorsal fin, and the last one is a medium sized brown fish with a red-orange dorsal fin.

Role in episode

They arrive at the Glove World! theater when they heard that  Patrick accidently ripped the animatronic Hieronymus Glove's head off. SpongeBob and Patrick believed that they have just killed the real Hieronymus Glove but the officers explain to them that it was just an animatronic version and the real Hieronymus has been frozen many years ago. SpongeBob and Patrick become relieved and assume that they weren't introuble after all but the officers then tell them that they are in trouble and are going to the Glove World! prision for damaging Glove World! porperty. So they send then into the underground Glove World! jail cell filled with many animatronics and other kids who got arrested by them.

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