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Glove World! is a popular theme park in Bikini Bottom that SpongeBob and Patrick regularly visit. It first appears in the episode "Rock Bottom."



Glove World! sells various glove-themed products, including "glovesicles," glove-shaped balloons, glove lights, glove action figures, gloves for glove action figures, glove hats, glove candy dispensers, and glove-flavored glove candy.
Roller Cowards 171

Glove World! has a mascot, Glovey Glove. He appears in "Roller Cowards" when SpongeBob and Patrick are afraid to ride the Fiery Fist O' Pain. They decide to get a picture taken with Glovey Glove, but Patrick is afraid of him. Eventually, Patrick gets close enough to Glovey to get his picture taken.

Role in series

"Rock Bottom"

SpongeBob and Patrick are shown outside of Glove World!. Patrick is licking a glove treat and SpongeBob is holding a glove balloon. SpongeBob embraces the fun experience he and Patrick had at the amusement park.

SpongeBob mentions Glove World! and uses products from the park throughout the rest of the episode: He uses his glove flashlight to see in the dark while stranded in Rock Bottom, eats glove candy to fulfill his appetite, and lastly gets transported back to Bikini Bottom via his floating glove balloon.

"Roller Cowards"

It appears as the main location of this episode. SpongeBob and Patrick go to Glove World! to ride the much-hyped Fiery Fist O' Pain rollercoaster, though due to being scared they are hesitant to do so and therefore take a long amount of time to proceed.

SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis

It then is mentioned in SpongeBob's Director's Commentary. SpongeBob mentions that the "Snap Happy!" level was originally going to take place at Glove World!. He also reveals that Glove World! was, at the time, his favorite theme park.

"The Abrasive Side"

SpongeBob tries to be first in line for the bus to Glove World!, but many other people cut in front of him, causing him and Patrick to be last in line. Sandy then comes and asks SpongeBob to help her with an experiment, and SpongeBob tells Patrick that he will ride the next bus to Glove World!

Shortly after, SpongeBob keeps getting distracted by his other friends and eventually loses the chance of going to Glove World! with Patrick.

"Tunnel of Glove"

The entire episode takes place at Glove World!: SpongeBob and Pearl get trapped inside of a ride called "The Tunnel of Glove." Meanwhile, Patrick tries to save SpongeBob, but ends up making things worse.

"Glove World R.I.P."

Glove World! is planned to be shut down. SpongeBob and Patrick attempt to save it, including chaining themselves up to the walls so Glove World! will not be destroyed, to no avail. Patrick and SpongeBob are later upset that they failed to save the park. However, the owner tells SpongeBob and Patrick that the reason Glove World! was shut down was that it was replaced by Glove Universe, a safer and bigger version of Glove World!.

SpongeBob Moves In!

Parts of Glove World! appear in the Valentine's Day version.

"Don't Wake Patrick"

While Patrick is sleepwalking, he wanders into Glove World and unknowingly walks onto the track of a rollercoaster - namely the Neck Breaker - with SpongeBob following him inside of a car. They are subsequently launched off the track and land next to Patrick's rock.

"The Night Patty"

SpongeBob and Patrick are playing at Glove World as it closes for the night, resulting in them getting kicked out.

"Gary & Spot"

Marvin and his wife Alice have fun at Glove World.

"The Ballad of Filthy Muck"

Filthy Muck and SpongeBob ride in a rollercoaster.

"Sandy's Nutty Nieces"

Sandy's nieces, Macadamia, Hazelnut and Pistachio tie Patrick to a bus going to Glove World to get rid of him. He, however, comes back with a few friends from the park.

"SpongeBob's Bad Habit"

Patrick takes SpongeBob in Glove World to help him to get rid of his nail biting habit.


SpongeBob, Plankton and Hans go there to stop a Chum Bucket glove.

"Escape from Beneath Glove World"

Act 1

After a ride at Glove World! SpongeBob and Patrick decides to go the Glove World Theater to meet Hieronymus Glove. After the performance Patrick destroys Hieronymus Glove by shaking his hand. SpongeBob tries to stop him, but it makes it even worse by detaching Hieronymus Glove's head and SpongeBob accidentally presses the open curtains button which makes the audience surprised and tearing stage curtains. The Glove World officers have caught SpongeBob and Patrick, Glove World officer #1 tells Patrick to give him the head but Patrick is too scared to give it to him. SpongeBob and Patrick begin to cry because they thought they killed Hieronymus Glove. Glove World officer explains that this Hieronymus Glove is a animatronic. SpongeBob and Patrick thought there not in trouble, but they were in trouble being sentenced to Glove World Jail for defacing Glove World property.

When they make it to Glove World Jail they find an animatronic old man, a group of prisoners that are trying to get the key from a animatronic worm, and a group of kids that are locked up in Glove World Jail for biting a lemonade guy. But one kid escapes by going through the bars going through the glove guards. SpongeBob grabs the key from the animatronic worm which makes a jailbreak and switching the lever to release them and press the escape alarm button.

A group of repairmen carrying Animatronic Hieronymus Glove to reboot him. Animatronic Hieronymus Glove is not happy because he want to put his head back into his body. But the repairmen are on there break which makes Animatronic Hieronymus Glove angry and land on a bucket of nuts and bolts. He shines a beam of light from his eye to see his memory from Patrick accidentally breaks his hand and head, and now he is ready for revenge.

Act 2

SpongeBob and Patrick found the child while climbing down a ladder until they found something interesting following a group of testers that test like gloves are protected by a lazer, a flamethrower, and testing metal suits for the glovehounds. They made it to a prototype called Sock World which it smells like gym socks until the child wandering around until he found the repair room and gets inside an Animatronic Hieronymus Glove's body and runs away. While SpongeBob and Patrick looking for the kid they found themselves in the repair room and started playing around, until they found the kid throwing a bucket of water, and started chasing the child with a animatronic body. Animatronic Hieronymus Glove is surprised that the child stole his body, and Patrick destroying his body in his memory. The bucket tips over and his mouth of pulling out of wires.

While SpongeBob and Patrick are chasing the child with an animatronic body, which the child opens a door and runs inside with SpongeBob and Patrick closely behind them. Animatronic Hieronymus Glove arrives headbutts a panel, and uses his wires to tamper with some circuitry, setting off an alarm, which makes the floors downward, falling from a slide, found themselves on a giant dryer-themed ride, and land on a pile of socks. Animatronic Hieronymus Glove hits himself with his own hand and puts himself in a giant coin slot. The ride starts to spin faster which SpongeBob, Patrick, and the child getting pinned by a wall. When the ride stops they all fall into the floor and land on a pile of socks. While they are out of the giant dryer, they made it to Sock World, which it has a strong stench, makes the child come out of the pile of socks, and is disgusted by the smell. Patrick finds a switch that turns off the stench. But when SpongeBob is about to show the child Sock World he was just playing around with an animatronic body, until sparks are coming out which makes the animatronic socks on fire and dies. SpongeBob and Patrick are starting to follow the child. Animatronic Hieronymus Glove pops out of the sock pile, his two disembodied hands fist bump each other, attach themselves in the bottom of his head, he chases after SpongeBob and Patrick, and starts laughing maniacally.

While SpongeBob and Patrick are chasing the child, they tripped themselves in a car from a water ride. Later they found the child which he's boarding up in the car and Animatronic Hieronymus Glove starts swimming and begins to bites the car and SpongeBob's and Patrick's butt. The cars reached the top of the ride SpongeBob and Patrick starts screaming, the child gets sucked out of Animatronic Hieronymus Glove body due to the sheer speed. The cars reached the bottom of the ride which makes the child hop out of the water and jump around Sock World, SpongeBob and Patrick follow suit and try to catch him. Animatronic Hieronymus Glove's reattach his hands into hands which grabs the toddler, and reattach his head into his body. Now he got SpongeBob and Patrick. Animatronic Hieronymus Glove points at Patrick for destroying his body, which they start having a fight. Until someone says "Enough!" Which is the real Hieronymus Glove. Animatronic Hieronymus Glove thinks that he's the real Hieronymus Glove. So they settled it by hitting there heads. One of the servants hit Patrick's head with a wrench which he meant to hit the other one, which causes Animatronic Hieronymus Glove to reboot.

SpongeBob and Patrick are excited to see the real Hieronymus Glove, and now they are free from Glove World Jail. SpongeBob and Patrick think they are pardoned and Hieronymus Glove is about to give all of Glove World. Hieronymus Glove begins to sing a song which takes them back to Glove World and now Animatronic Hieronymus Glove is now in Glove World Jail with the Animatronic Old Man, and the child begins to sleep. And the episode ends with the child starts wandering around Glove World and SpongeBob and Patrick are catching the child.

Rides and attractions

  • The Mitten was a children's ride. SpongeBob and Patrick used to love the ride. When they go on the ride in "Roller Cowards," they are scared when the car goes up and down the small hill. The child who went on the ride with them was less scared, almost to the point of boredom. The Mitten is a tiny roller coaster for infants, with a mitten in the background and a sign displaying the name. There were love heart balloons surrounding it and clouds that lead up to the display of the name. It was easily operated by Nat Peterson, who simply pulls the lever and the cart subsequently travels slowly across the track.
    Roller Cowards 174
  • Fiery Fist O' Pain was the largest rollercoaster in Glove World!, which opens in the episode "Roller Cowards." However it also appeared in the episode "Rock Bottom." A warning sign informed the riders that the ride may cause crying, screaming, projectile vomiting, amnesia, spine loss, embarrassing accidents, uncontrollable gas, and explosive diarrhea. Riders must wear helmets, be taped to the seat, and sign a waiver prior to riding. Some people did lose their spines while riding, including SpongeBob and Patrick.
  • Ferris wheel was an amusement ride that was located in Glove World!. It usually appears in the beginning front entrance of the park, or throughout the park next to another ride. It is a Ferris wheel with purple-colored metal sides and holds six carts of glove seating. It appears many times as one of the background rides in Glove World! during the series. It is shown to be very popular, as it is always in movement and many riders get on.
    Ferris wheel
  • Merry-Go-Round was a regularly seen ride.
  • Swings were a regularly seen ride.
  • Big Dipper was a regularly seen ride.
  • Tunnel of Glove was a ride in which SpongeBob, Pearl, and her friends ride on in the episode of the same name. 3 hours later, Perch Perkins on the news notices that the Tunnel of Glove has been turned to the Tunnel of Terror.
    Tunnel Of Glove 1
  • Unnamed café that sold ice cream, where SpongeBob and Patrick went to eat at in "Roller Cowards."
  • Drop Tower
  • Glove Drop
  • Tilt-A-Hurl
  • Hall of Mirrors was an attraction that showed wacky mirrors to make everyone look unrealistic and humorous. However, it was defective and the mirrors broke. SpongeBob and Patrick tried fixing this by "improving" it by making SpongeBob squish himself into the person that passes by.
  • Glove Castle was a castle that was considered to be a playground with Glove Lake in front of it.
  • Various tents
  • Neck Breaker was a roller coaster that Patrick sleepwalks to in "Don't Wake Patrick."


  • Glove hats
  • Glove action figures
    • Gloves for glove action figures
  • Glove lights - A flashlight that appears in "Rock Bottom." It looks similar to a normal flashlight, except a glove covers its light. SpongeBob's glove light burns out when he is waiting for the bus at the bus station.
  • Glove balloons - An off-white colored balloon with four digits extending from its top and marked with three grooves. It resembles its namesake, a glove, and is a merchandise of Glove World!. Its first appearance is in the episode "Rock Bottom," in which it pops at the end of the episode.
  • Glove candy dispenser - A candy dispenser is in the shape of a glove that dispenses glove-flavored candy.


  • Glove World!'s name is a parody of Walt Disney World, but its design is based on Disneyland.[1]
  • The Tunnel of Glove is a parody of a Tunnel of Love.
  • Nat has been seen to operate many rides. He is seen controlling the Mitten ride, collects tickets, and brings Tunnel of Glove riders to their ride.
  • There is a LEGO set for Glove World! which includes the Ferris wheel and ice cream stand.
  • Patrick is scared of Glovey in "Roller Cowards." However, in "Glove World R.I.P.," Patrick actually wants to be Glovey, and the owner lets him.
  • In "Roller Cowards," SpongeBob and Patrick treat the bathroom as a ride.
  • In two episodes, the Glove World! entrance is seen using bricks, but in two other episodes, the entrance is seen using poles.
  • "Glove World R.I.P." and "Escape from Beneath Glove World" are the only times that this location's name is used in episode titles.
  • Season 12 has the most appearances of Glove World.
  • Despite being closed and replaced at the end of "Glove World R.I.P.," the park is still present in SpongeBob Moves In!, "Don't Wake Patrick," "The Night Patty," "Gary and Spot," "The Ballad of Filthy Muck," "Sandy's Nutty Nieces," "SpongeBob's Bad Habit," "Handemonium," and "Escape from Beneath Glove World."


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