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"Give Jellyfish Fields a Chance" is a song sung by SpongeBob and Patrick in the episode "SpongeBob's Last Stand." It protests the new Shelly Superhighway.


SpongeBob and Patrick: Chum Bucket! Sludge bucket!
Highway fly away!
Lily liver! Pizza giver!
Mashed potato! Kelp tomato!
All we are trying to say is give Jellyfish Fields a chance!
Ketchup bottle! Net and goggle!
Toll booth! Rotten tooth!
Freeway plan! Toast and jam!
Mermaid Man! Garbage can!
Citrus fruit! Combat boot!
Give a hoot! Gorilla suit!
All we are trying to say is give Jellyfish Fields a chance!
Plankton's eye! Ham on rye!
Larry's thigh! Battle cry!
Mustard squirt! Long-sleeved shirt!
Self assert! Hit the dirt!
Krusty Krab! Smash-and-grab!
Barg-n-Mart! Grocery cart!
All we are trying to say is give Jellyfish Fields a chance!
C.E.O.s! Gary's toes!
Squidward's nose! Panty hose!
Rocking chair! Wash 'n' wear!
Empty stare! Patrick's hair!
Green trees! Sandy's fleas!
Rise and shine! Lemon lime!
Outta time! Squiggly line!
Take a stand! Hand in hand!
All we are trying to say is give Jellyfish Fields...
a chance!....

Lyrical significance

Although seemingly a series of pointless phrases, many of the lines in the song have some significance to the point SpongeBob and Patrick are trying to make.

  • "Chum Bucket! Sludge Bucket!" - By comparing Plankton's restaurant to a sludge bucket, they are commenting on how his plan is effectively sludge, and could also reference the pollution it could cause.
  • "Highway, fly away!" - SpongeBob and Patrick are literally telling the highway to go away, since they do not want it to be built.
  • "Net and goggle!" - A reference to the activity of jellyfishing, something which will no longer be possible if the highway is built.
  • "Give a hoot!" - SpongeBob and Patrick want people to care about their cause.
  • "Battle cry!" - SpongeBob and Patrick are performing this song as their "battle cry" to save Jellyfish Fields.
  • "Self assert!" - SpongeBob and Patrick want people to stand up for what is right.
  • "Krusty Krab! Smash and grab!" - Although this references Plankton's usual demise via squashing, it also demonstrates his criminal and untrustworthy ways.
  • "C.E.O.s!" - SpongeBob and Patrick are referring to how the highway plan is an act of corporate greed.
  • "Green trees!" - SpongeBob and Patrick are saying that the highway will damage and pollute the environment.
  • "Rise and shine!" - SpongeBob and Patrick want people to "rise and shine" and join them in their protest.
  • "Outta time!" - SpongeBob and Patrick do not have much time left before the highway is built.
  • "Take a stand! Hand in hand!" - SpongeBob and Patrick are taking a stand to defend Jellyfish Fields, and want others to do the same.