I am so moving back to Farawayville!
— Girly Teengirl, "The Slumber Party"

Girly Teengirl is a female teenage sponge who had just moved to Bikini Bottom from Farawayville. She is mistaken for SpongeBob by Pearl in the episode "The Slumber Party."


She is a light yellow female sponge who looks like SpongeBob. She wears a lavender and pink dress, magenta-colored ballet flats, uses bright red lipstick, and has a pink bow on her hair. She has brown hair and light blue eyes, with three overexposed eyelashes on each like SpongeBob.

She appears to have a valley girl-like voice.


Judging by her introduction of herself, her personality appears to resemble that of a stereotypical teenage girl.

Role in episode

Pearl and her friends all think she is SpongeBob in disguise, so they throw tomatoes at her, but it is shown that she is not him because as she is running away, the real SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs immediately drive up and have no idea who she is. Her part ends when she screams stating about how she is moving back to Farawayville. At that point, Mr. Krabs asks who she is, whereupon SpongeBob replies by saying he does not know but thinks she is ugly.


  • In the Dutch version, she is called "Spongy Betty."
    • Instead of saying "I am so moving back to Farawayville!," she says, "Ik voel me zo niet gewild!" ("I feel so not wanted!") in this version.
  • In the Chinese version, she is called "Bad Ugly Girl."
  • She is the second sponge in the series not to be related to SpongeBob. The first was the Drifter in "No Weenies Allowed."
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