Ginger is a fish who, along with three other kids, were living in the Lost and Found of the Krusty Krab. She first appears in the episode "Lost and Found."


She is green, and has red hair that is tied into a ponytail. She wears a light pink and dark pink dress, has black eyes, and wears a light pink bow on her head.

Role in series

"Lost and Found"

When she was a child over 60 years ago, she and three other kids ended up getting lost in the Krusty Krab. They were put in the lost and found, and no one claimed them. They survived by eating the food people left behind, like gum and mints.

Many decades later, SpongeBob entered the lost and found looking for a little boy's teddy fish. He then encounters Ginger and the other lost kids. She explains who they are, and says that he can live with them. She orders the other lost kids to get the welcoming feast to celebrate finding SpongeBob.

During the feast, she tries feeding the teddy fish some candy. SpongeBob notices this, and tries to take the toy. She doesn't let him, so he tricks her and grabs it, causing Ginger and the other lost kids to chase him. They chase SpongeBob throughout the lost and found, before cornering him. She and the kids demand he give them the teddy fish, but he resists.

When the lost and found starts flooding with grease, she orders the other kids to get on each other's shoulders to try and escape. SpongeBob then uses the Tylosaurus to open the lost and found's door. Mr. Krabs is happy that he returns, before quickly using him to hit Ginger when she climbs through the lost and found's door.

Soon after she exits the lost and found, her mother appears, surprising Ginger. She tells Ginger that she, her husband and the parents of the other lost kids come here every week to search for them. The kids and the parents then hug. When SpongeBob tries and return the teddy fish to the little child, he throws it away, wanting to have the Tylosaurus instead. Ginger catches the teddy fish and hugs it.

Lost Treasures

She reappears as an obstacle in the game, where she walks from one point to another. If SpongeBob runs into her, she will scare him, causing him to respawn at the start of the level. She appears in levels 1 and 3, and is also featured on the game's title screen.


  • She is the only female child to get lost and put inside the lost and found.
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