Gill is a TV character who appears in the television series in the episode "The Masterpiece."


He is an orange fish with brown hair, dark orange lips, and a black unibrow. He wears a plaid green shirt, a white shirt under the green one, and a light blue pants with a black belt. He carries a walking cane.

Role in episode

In the Krusty Krab, while Mr. Krabs is calling Squidward, Squidward is watching a soap opera called "As The Tide Turns." In it, Gill makes an appearance stating the guppies are his children to a person who appear off screen. Squidward says that the guppies being his children was supposed to be a secret, and that he just revealed it in his appearance. When Gill reveals his secret, Squidward states that he knew the guppies would be his children.

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