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Gifts a Go-Go! is a SpongeBob SquarePants online game.


It's Christmas and SpongeBob is giving out presents. The player is given 5 lives when the game is started. As the presents are stacking up, one must help SpongeBob give a present to their matching receivers. Basically, SpongeBob has to give out presents to people that are same color as the gift itself. Be quick with giving out the presents because the people only wait for a short time. Letting a receiver wait too long will cause the player to lose a life. Letting presents drop to bottom of the screen also causes a life to be lost. The game ends when all 5 lives are lost.


SpongeBob game - Gifts A Go-Go!

SpongeBob game - Gifts A Go-Go!


  • On the Game Over screen, SpongeBob is trapped in a big pile of presents.
  • For some reason, trying to enter the code on the menu screen doesn't work.
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