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Gift Lift is a SpongeBob SquarePants online game.


Plankton is on a mission to grab all the gifts in Bikini Bottom! Move the mouse to draw a snowy path to help Plankton sled his way through. The player is given 3 lives and a timer with a certain number of seconds to pass. To gain more time, Plankton must grab presents from pink jellyfish. There is also a snowflake which gives the player points. Be sure to watch out for red jellyfish. Touching red jellyfish slows the player down, makes them lose a life, and lose seconds on the timer. On higher levels, the red jellyfish become bigger and the pink jellyfish and snowflake become smaller. The game ends when the player lets Plankton crash, run out of time, or the player loses all 3 lives.





SpongeBob Gift Lift

SpongeBob Gift Lift


  • SpongeBob only gets a cameo on the title screen.
  • Entering the code "Presents" gives the player more time.
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