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|image = Squirrel Jelly 238.png
|image = Squirrel Jelly 238.png
|name = Jelly Buzz-Saws
|name = Giant jellyfish
|species = [[Jellyfish]]
|species = [[Jellyfish]]
|residence = [[Jellyfish Fields]], [[Bikini Bottom]], [[Pacific Ocean]]
|residence = [[Jellyfish Fields]], [[Bikini Bottom]], [[Pacific Ocean]]

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Warning! This page contains spoilers of an episode that has recently aired in the United States. Do not continue reading if you wish not to be spoiled.

The giant jellyfish is a jellyfish who appear in in the episode "Squirrel Jelly."


It is a gigantic and powerful version of jellyfish. It only appears when all of the jellyfish form together into one.

Role in episode

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