"Gary's Got Legs" is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season twelve. In this episode, Gary is given a set of limbs to keep up with SpongeBob, but soon makes his owner look sluggish by comparison.



The episode starts with SpongeBob trying to take Gary for a walk. However, Gary is too slow to catch up with him, due to being a snail, so SpongeBob tries to help Gary become faster. He first makes Gary some tank treads to use, but they malfunction and run SpongeBob over. Back at his house, SpongeBob decides to give Gary some legs in order to make him faster, so he removes a pair of his legs and gives them to Gary. Gary, due to his lack of experience, stumbles about with his new legs, but SpongeBob helps teach him how to use them properly.

The two then decide to show off Gary's legs at the Snail Park. When they arrive, the pet owners are shocked at a snail with legs, and are fascinated by Gary. Gary then gets into a fight with a worm, and kicks it away. The worm's owner yells at Gary, but Gary just kicks him away as well. Gary then goes on a rampage, kicking everyone and their pets out of the park. SpongeBob tries to scold Gary for his behavior, but Gary licks him, causing the sponge to forgive his pet.

When the two go back home, SpongeBob realizes that Gary is unable to open the front door by himself, and decides to give Gary a pair of his arms. After SpongeBob trains Gary to use his arms, Gary decides to uses his new limbs to take care of SpongeBob, moving him around the house and feeding him so that SpongeBob doesn't have to move at all.

Gary's Got Legs 149


The weekend soon ends and SpongeBob realizes that he has to go to work. However, his arms and legs have become atrophied from lack of use, causing Gary to take over for him. At the Krusty Krab, some of the customers complain to Mr. Krabs about snail slime in the food, and he discovers that Gary has taken over for SpongeBob. Angered at his business being potentially ruined, he goes to SpongeBob's house to talk to him.

When he arrives at SpongeBob's house, he discovers that, much to his horror, SpongeBob is now acting as a snail, essentially meaning that SpongeBob and Gary have swapped lives as owner and master. Gary soon comes home from work, and Krabs decides that enough is enough. He breaks into SpongeBob's house and slaps some sense into him, returning the sponge to normal. However, Gary refuses to go back to his normal life, and fights Mr. Krabs. Krabs simply cuts Gary's limbs off, reducing him back to a normal snail. Mr. Krabs then takes SpongeBob to work, while Gary is fine being a pet again.

That night, SpongeBob and Gary go to bed, but decide to sleep in each other's beds as a spare pair of arms turns the lights off, ending the episode.


The episode was confirmed by Vincent Waller on March 23, 2019.[1]



 ) Associated production music
 ) Original music
 ) SpongeBob music
  Hula Festival - George Elliott [Title card]

  Marching to Honolulu - Kapono Beamer [SpongeBob stretching his legs and arms, while Gary stretches his eyes/SpongeBob wants to do a morning jog with Gary]
  Drummers and Fifers - Roger Roger [Gary moving over a tank, while SpongeBob is jogging]
  Beer Festival - Dick Walter [Tank running over SpongeBob repeatedly]
  A Jolly Jaunt (c) - Dick Walter [Gary trying to get up from the floor]
  A Jolly Jaunt (a) - Dick Walter ["Aw, poor Gary, looks like you could use a leg up.....or maybe two!"]
  Attack of the Giant Robots - Cris Velasco [SpongeBob sawing and sanding something]
  ? [Wooden table finished]
  ? [SpongeBob gives Gary a set of his own legs]
  Beyond the Deep Blue Sea [#62] - Lisa Doby, Lionel Wendling [Gary walking toward SpongeBob]
  Italian Summer - Hendric Haydegg [Gary repeats SpongeBob's leg movements]
  Nancy and Storrers A - John Knowles, Timothy Laight, Graham Preskett, Paul Pritchard, Martin Rands, James Rattigan [Gary repeats SpongeBob's dance moves]
  Mexican Freeway - Gil Flat [SpongeBob and Gary dancing together]
  Fairies A - John Fox, Otto Sieben [Gary takes SpongeBob to the snail park]
  Newcomer - Walt Rockman [Everyone at snail park gets shocked after seeing Gary with legs]
  Bell Hop-Short Version B - John Shakespeare [Gary hitting everyone with his legs]
  Charlie's Bike C - Peter Balding, Otto Sieben [Gary tries to open the door with his eyes and SpongeBob gives him a set of his own arms]
  Charlie's Bike E - Peter Balding, Otto Sieben [Gary trying to move "his arms"]
  Charlie's Bike G - Peter Balding, Otto Sieben [Gary tries to take a Snail-Po can with "his arms"]
  Driving Home - John Anthony [Montage of Gary using his arms to pamper SpongeBob]
  Hawaiian Beach - Peter Dennis [One week later Gary continues pampering SpongeBob]
  Pua Paoakalani B - Kapono Beamer, Queen Lili'uokalani [SpongeBob's arms and legs are limp]
  Introducing...the Villain ! - Jean Luc Leonardon [SpongeBob falls on the floor weakly]
  The Achterhoek Dances - Jan Rap [Customers eating Krabby Patties with slime at the Krusty Krab/Customers complaining to Mr. Krabs about the slime]
  Unknown Track 103 - Krabs bites into slimy patty
  The Achterhoek Dances - Jan Rap ["SpongeBob!"/Krabs discovers Gary cooking the Krabby Patties at the kitchen]
  ? [Krabs sees SpongeBob acting like a snail]
  Place Bleu - Werner Overheidt [Krabs sees Gary acting like SpongeBob and SpongeBob acting like Gary]
  The Creature (a) - Gregor Narholz [Krabs tunnels into SpongeBob's house]
  ? ["What in the name of Neptune's nostrils is going on in here?"]
  Slovakian Czardas Duo - Lars-Luis Linek [SpongeBob attacks Krabs]
  Tiki March - Lionel Wendling [SpongeBob returns to normal]
  Armed Attack - Jean Clero [Krabs cuts off Gary's legs and arms]
  But in the End - Jean Luc Leonardon [SpongeBob apologizing to Krabs, Gary, and Patrick]
  Waikiki Dance - Lionel Wendling [Ending]




G'sGL Error

SpongeBob's white irises.

  • When Gary starts walking towards SpongeBob, SpongeBob's pupils are colored white until he stands up.
  • Despite being called a Snail Park, a few people bring their worms to the park.
  • Despite Mr. Krabs asking what a mollusk is doing in the kitchen, Squidward, an octopus, is technically a mollusk.
  • There is a tiny line between the "G" and the "O" in the title card.

    Error in the title card.



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