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Gary's Crush is a SpongeBob SquarePants online game. It is based on "Gary in Love."


Gary is trying to reach his crush, Mary. First, the player hits the space bar to lock angles and hits the space bar again to launch. Now they have Gary flying in the sky. In order to keep Gary this way, the player must hit Valentine presents to gain power. Sometimes jumping on an enemy causes the player to lose power. If the player wants to jump down, then they must immediately press while they are in the air. The game ends when Gary falls too low to the ground.





SpongeBob Gary's Crush

SpongeBob Gary's Crush


  • The enemy snails resemble the mean snails from the episode "Gary in Love."
  • Touching the box of chocolates gives the player the most jumping power.
  • Entering the code "Crush" adds trampolines in the game.
  • SpongeBob can be seen on the game cover screen.
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