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Gale Doppler is a meteorologist who debuts in and is the main villain of the episode "Stormy Weather."


Gale is a slender orange fish with yellow hair, a green suit and pants, a magenta tie, white socks held up with sock braces, and black shoes. He is often seen with a wall-eyed expression.

Role in episode

Gale is first seen at the start of the episode, forecasting sunny weather and proclaiming that he's never wrong. When SpongeBob checks the weather and finds rain, he grabs a picture of Gale and reassures himself that Gale is never wrong, before going outside to check out the rain.

Gale is later seen sunbathing in the middle of Bikini Bottom, when Nat Peterson runs up to him claiming that it's raining snails and worms. Gale restates his claim, saying that his broadcasts have been right for 35 years, but he then notices SpongeBob's pet cloud Drizzle causing mayhem by throwing snails and worms everywhere. Nat calls Gale out for being wrong, so Gale decides to capture Drizzle with a reef blower and "send him to cloud heaven" to save his reputation. SpongeBob tries to stop Gale with a reef blower of his own, and he manages to get Drizzle back.

They almost get away from Gale, but he recaptures Drizzle using a crane machine with a larger reef blower attachment. SpongeBob begs Gale to let Drizzle go free, but Gale instead tries to dump Drizzle into a gigantic dehumidifier which will dissolve Drizzle. This causes SpongeBob to cry hysterically. Drizzle absorbs SpongeBob's tears and becomes a gigantic storm cloud, and he forces himself into Gale's body.

At first, Gale is excited to actually be the weather, but his excitement vanishes after Drizzle takes control of Gale's body and creates lightning storms and blizzards through Gale's body, causing him much pain in the process. Then, Drizzle runs into his parents and exits Gale's body. Drizzle's parents blow Gale away, and he lands in his dehumidifier which explodes. Miraculously, Gale survives the explosion.


  • As seen in "Stormy Weather," SpongeBob has an autographed photo of Gale Doppler in his house. However, SpongeBob's name is written as "SpongeBill," indicating that Gale is not good with names.
    • This is further evidenced by the fact that Gale only ever calls SpongeBob "SquareFace" throughout the episode.
  • Both parts of his name are weather-related puns. His first name, Gale, is a term for very strong winds. His last name, Doppler, references the Doppler radar, a machine used in weather forecasting.
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